Cost of Beauty School

One worry for me was the cost of Beauty College and so I thought I would give you an idea of what it has cost me.  Currently I will include my basic costs but I intend to add to them as I am required to purchase more items for my kit.

  • Course cost: Free (shop around, I was lucky that my local college do all FE courses for free)
  • Kit cost: £42.50
  • Stationary Supplies: £10
  • Uniform costs:  £15 per pair of trousers, £23 per tunic. Black pumps and cardigan also required, you can purchase if needed (I didn’t need).
  • Beauty Box – £27 (from E-bay as this was cheaper than Sallys .  You can however purchase these for as little as £17.50 on E-bay).
  • Tools purchased for nail art – £18 (from ebay, I purchased a mix of items to practice for my nail art exam)

Total thus far: £112.50

  • Comedone extractors x5 for 99p!
  • Tonner £9
  • Gel cleanser £9
  • Nail polishes (French) – £7

You should also take into account other costs you may incur.  I for example have to be in college 2 days a week at 9am meaning my daughter has to go to breakfast club at school from 8:15am costing £2 per day.
As a mature student I also do not qualify for EMA.  Most mature students can apply for a funding grant, as I already have a degree I was not eligible for this either.  My only funding option is to apply for the hardship grant which I am currently in the process of doing.  Please make sure you speak to the college as soon as you sign up to ensure you have applied for any funding you are eligible for.  There is no point missing out on funding all for the sake of not asking a few questions when you are starting the course.  Some funding does need to be applied for BEFORE the course starts and if you miss it then you will miss out.


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