Animal testing 101

Rather enjoyed how informative this video is for people who are thinking about going cruelty free. I am 100% behind people going cruelty free and would love for anyone thinking of going down this route to watch the vlog 🙂


Want amazing lips for your Christmas party?

Okay, so most of us know how amazing the Lush lip scrubs are at making our lips soft and getting rid of any dry patches.  Have you seen the Santababy lip balm yet?

It came out as part of the Christmas range and is a very red tinted lip balm.  Reviews don’t seem to rate it for moisturising but its getting a big thumbs up for the pigment and how well it lasts.

It looks like this on the website:


However will I let you into a little secret?  One of the staff members in another store posted this photo on our staff page:

ImageYes – that’s right it shows up amazingly well under a black light!  Just imagine how much attention you can draw on your Christmas party night with this lip tint on – amazeballs!

Your very own quick guide to Christmas 2013 gifts at Lush!

I wrote this blog today in work which is a break down of all the Lush Christmas products in the William Morris range (the traditional style gifts). Check it out and see if it helps inspire some of your gift buying this year 😀

Lush Newry Blog

I know we all love getting gifts at Christmas but sometime buying them for everyone else can be a jolly old pain in the bum.  So we decided over the next few weeks on the run up to the madness that is the month of December we will help and advise you with regards to the gifts available at Lush.

We are going to break down our gifts into 4 different collections, each collection will have a similar style to suit different people and these are:

The William Morris/Traditional gifts collection

The Ziggy Stardust collection

The Fireworks collection


Tonight I am going to start you off with the William Morris traditional gift selection as I think it could be my favourite.  William Morris was a textile designer and artist who has long been associated with the English Arts and Crafts movement.  “If you want a golden rule that will…

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