After a year off… it’s back to school for me :)

Last night was the start of my next venture in beauty.  Level 3 body massage.

I arrived a little late as my baby brain mixed up the times, whoops.  The class was shorter than expected, it ran from 6 until 9 rather than the expected 5:45 to 10.

It started with a run through of what we will be covering and what is expected of us.  I was shocked to learn there are no online tests for this, rather a project that we each have to put together containing set information.

After this we were all provided with handouts with steps for “back massage” which the tutor then demonstrated on one class member.  Once the demonstration was complete we paired up for practice.

Due to my rather large bump (due in 2 weeks) I made a team of 3 so I wouldn’t prevent somebody being able to practice.  I still felt that I learned a lot being able to watch and call out the next steps for the routine for my partners.  Once the bump is here I am confident that the other half will be happy to let me practice my back massage routine as often as I like so I can’t say I am worried I will fall behind, because I don’t believe I will.

As for what we need to purchase for the class, not a lot really.  Uniform is optional although it hasn’t changed from my level 2 uniform and so I could wear it again once I have ditched some baby weight.  A folder for my hand outs and a body brush are all that I am required to buy with further options of essential oils and headbands for clients.

I had intended to do reflexology as well as massage but the prices on the website were very wrong and thus it would have cost almost double my expectations to do the course and a lot of kit to buy.  For that reason I decided to put it off for a while but I would very much so still like to do it in the future sometime.

Now to decide which essential oils I would like to use and cost out some body brushes – any suggestions very welcome 🙂