Lush Ayesha face mask and The Hair Doctor hair mask!

As I have a whole week off work and I seem to have acquired the cold and sore throat, I figured what better way to cheer myself up than with a bit of a pamper?

So off I trotted to the fridge and pulled out an Ayesha and The Hair Doctor both by Lush.

If you have never used a fresh mask from Lush before you may be confused why I went to the fridge.  Well, all of the Lush fresh face masks are preservative free and made with fresh ingredients.  For this reason, you need to store them in the fridge to keep the fresh.  They last around 3 weeks in the fridge which gives you enough time to enjoy a mask twice a week or so until the pot is done.

Let’s start with Ayesha shall we?  Ayesha was my mask of choice tonight because she is anti-ageing and I felt like my skin could do with a little tone up.  I mean check out my eyes, they look tired and old tonight!

This mask is made with asparagus to benefit the skin with its nutrients and kiwi to cleanse.  I also love that it contains fullers earth, kaolin and witch hazel.  All of which are great to draw out impurities and sebum when you have problem skin like I do.  There is no strong smell to this one and you should feel it start to dry and tighten the skin in around 10 minutes.  When I wash this mask off, my skin does feel firmer and cleaner and I love that!


Then for the hair.  Well Hair Doctor is my sisters favourite and I like to think my sister has pretty nice hair.  She is going to love me for this photo I am sure but take the complement Gracie – it shows your hair and how nice it is haha.

ImageThis product has a very distinctive peppermint smell and indeed you will feel the reaction of the mint on your scalp as you wear this mask also.  It will make your head feel slightly cold and tingly?  The purpose of the peppermint is to stimulate the scalp and the follicles while the mask also contains Irish moss powder, extra virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba oil and almond oil to condition and soften the scalp and hair.

It does leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean after using it and my hair does feel a little softer too.  I do sometimes think that for £6.95 it is quite costly when I can only get one treatment from the pot.  I would advise you get this as your freebie when you return your 5 pots to recycle otherwise try out one of the none fresh and larger hair masks which will let you get multiple treatments from one pot.


How I colour my hair – a henna tutorial using Caca Marron by Lush

So last night I made the time to colour my hair.  This was my third time colouring my hair with henna from Lush.  The first time I bought a block and had my henna done in store by a member of staff.  You can do this for only £10 which is the cost of the block (which is £8.25 anyway) and the application.  Any henna left from the block can then be brought home to use another time.

The reason I first got it done in store was, well, it was because I was too chicken to do it myself in case I got it wrong!  I also seen how messy it can be.  The second time I didn’t really have the time to get it done in store and so I just gave it a go at home and found it fairly easy to do on myself.

My hair is fairly long as you can see from my display photo.  It is around chest length and although my strands are thin, there is still a lot of hair going on.  I use 1/2 a block of henna when I apply it myself and so that should give you an idea of how much you might need for your own hair (if you still aren’t sure feel free to comment and tell me what length and thickness your hair is and I will give you my opinion on how much it will take).

So the lush image looks like this


Caca Marron by Lush

And that is pretty much what it looks like.  A block with 6 squares and it smells a bit like a bag of loose tea?  Marron will basically give you a chestnut type colour on the hair.  So not as bright and red as rouge but not as bland as brun.

I know a lot of people who use henna decide to go for it because it is chemical free and indeed the one from Lush is also preservative free but I honestly went for it because my hair was taking such a bashing from colouring it every 4 weeks.  In the last 2 and a bit months from I first used henna I can feel a difference to the texture of my hair and it does feel healthier.

So, what do you need to do your own henna? Well my essentials are:

* A block of henna (clearly important)

* An old dish to melt the henna in (I use an old celebration sweet box!)

* A knife to cut the block of henna

* A fork to mush the product

* A spoon to lift the mixed henna out of the bowl to apply

* Disposable gloves

* Ultrabalm


My essentials for doing my own henna at home

Once you have cut your block up into however many squares you need, you will need to mix it with boiling water.  Not too much, I would say start with less and add more if you need it.  I use the fork to mush the lumps until I get an even paste.  When I say paste, it does pretty much look like cows dung….


Henna in boiling water


Henna mushed down with a fork and ready to apply

Now it is very important before you apply the henna to use some Ultrabalm around the edge of your hairline.  This will prevent any staining on the skin should any henna get onto it and left there by accident.  My hair currently looks like this:

From the side

So you can see it has a more reddish tinge at the top and slightly darker at the bottom care of too many box dyes building up.  However my roots are my main problem, I need to cover my greys!


From above you can see the grey in my roots showing – eek!

Let the messy hair commence! I apply starting from one side of my head and working over to the other side.  I then do the back and leave the length of my hair until the end.  It will feel quite thick and heavy as you apply it, this is normal.


How it will look on your hair


I waste no time with clingfilm, I just use a good old plastic bag to cover my hair 🙂

Once you have it on, you leave it on for 2.5 hrs.  A long time for hair dye I know but it is the price we pay to go chemical free and have that lovely vibrant shade in our hair.

Now, when it comes to washing your hair please do not be expecting a 2 – 3 min wash and condition.  You will need to set asside 10 minutes to wash the henna out.  I find the best way is to stand under the shower and just move your hair about with your hands for a few minutes and then I add some shampoo and rub my hair between the flats of my hands (rather than scrunching with my fingers like I normally would to wash).  I will shampoo twice and then I will add a healthy amount of conditioner (so more than normal) to help get the last few bits of henna out.  Your shower will look like a henna explosion has happened in it.  It does rinse off with ease so calm down 🙂  I used Cynthia Sylvia Stout and Happy Happy Joy Joy because they were in my shower at the time and neither will strip the colour.


My shampoo and conditioner

So what does it look like after?


After: the roots

 You can see the greys are gone but they have a more vibrant ginger tone to them


After: The side

Again from the side you can see the colour is more vibrant than before.  I really can’t wait until my hair have grown out more and the ends with the build of of dye have been cut away as it will be lovely for my hair to have a more consistent colour from top to bottom.

Have you ever used henna? Got a particular shade you love (or hate)?  I am still very tempted to try rouge in the future but for now I will play it safe and stick with my trusty Caca Marron 🙂

A slightly non beauty related post!

I guess to be interested in beauty you have to have a creative heart even if you don’t always seem creative on the surface?

It is getting to the time of year where I always feel the need to make the house look exciting and theme it up for Halloween and then Christmas!  I also love finding things to do with the littley to keep her amused and creating happy memories.  Today I have seen some amazing projects that I would really like to do!

The first was a “Monster tote bag” here.  I mean come on – how fantastic is that!?  It is made from an old cushion cover and well, I do love anything that reuses and recycles.


Cute bag made from an old pillow!

The next thing I seen was posted by the Crownbrush UK Facebook page and it was a Christmas craft penguin to hang on your tree made from an old lightbulb!


Cute penguins

They remind me a little of The Christmas Penguin bubble bars we are selling in work (Lush) at the moment:

ImageThese little penguins share the same scent as The Olive Branch shower gel and turn your bath a beautiful light blue.  If you have never used The Olive Branch, it has a very mild scent with a faint hint of orange and lemon.  A very clean and fresh smell without being in your face about it.  I also love how each one has it’s very own personality depending on how the compounder has shaped them and the positioning of their eyes.

Oh and on another festive note – we did a little instore video demonstrating our Christmas “Suprise” gift to one of our regular customers yesterday.  If you would like to know what happens when you open the gift, you can find the video here .




Winter essentials at Lush!

I love winter – I love the process of getting through Halloween and the excitement of Christmas. I also love that my birthday is in winter! One thing I do not however love is how the cold leaves my skin feeling dry and looking shrivelled? (is that just me or do other people get that shrivelled look on their hands from the cold?).

Working for Lush I do love to try the products and I have a few that I can see me using a lot through the winter months.

First on my hit list is our Celebrate body lotion. It’s a really rich, thick cream that is perfect for the winter. It doesn’t have a traditional warming winter smell, in place of the usual cinnamon this body lotion offers the uplifting smell of orange, lime and almonds. It honestly is a nice one to lift your mood.




For the face there is the new Rudolf face mask complete with your own little red jelly Rudolf nose – cute huh? This new mask is packed with items to soothe and calm the skin, including cucumber , aloe vera, oatmeal and calamine. It also contains lavender to balance and coconut oil to soften and moisturise.


Rudolph fresh face mask


Although I wasn’t convinced by how it looked and smelt at first – I am also adoring Noriko which is one of our Christmas soaps. Soap is so underrated by people when it really is such an easy way to make your house smell beautiful, you hands feel lovely and well… it lasts much longer than a liquid soap too. The scent is a very mild lavender and the soap itself is very creamy and leaves your hands feeling soft rather than dried out like they feel with some other soaps.


Noriko soap

If you suffer from dry or cracked lips – the Santa lip scrub (cola flavoured) is great too. Although in theory any of the lip scrubs will leave you feeling soft by exfoliating the dry skin – so just go for whatever scrub you like the taste of best 🙂


Santa’s lip scrub

One thing I do wish Lush had is a proper body butter. I love the richness of Celebrate but a really buttery cream would be amazing and if it could smell the same as the creamy candy bubble bar…. well I would be one very happy girl that’s for sure.