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I guess you are looking at applying for an NVQ in Beauty Therapy? Or perhaps you already have applied and are wondering what to expect?  I was exactly the same when I signed up, I googled and searched YouTube and found very little info on what it was like to do the course and so this blog is my effort to show you my journey and give you an insight into yours.
Feel free to let me know how your course is going if you too are currently on the path to becoming a Beauty Therapist!  I’d love to hear about your experience and any funny or interesting stories you have.

A little about me is that I was a mature student (27 at course start date) with one daughter and I already have a degree in an Arts Management background.  I was doing this course to diversify my skills and to enable me to open a salon in the future.  I am passionate about the environment and animals and you will notice my posts focus on cruelty free beauty products.

After completion of my level 2 I landed an assistant manager position with Lush where I am currently working and enjoying.  I went back to do my level 3 in Body Massage while off on maternity leave with baby number 2 and now with after baby number 3 I am back at work and looking to blog again and share my love for cruelty free beauty.


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  1. What a great blog idea! Have been reading a couple of your posts and it’s great to see someone so passionate about the beauty industry studying to be a beauty therapist. I have been working in salon’s for the past 10 years and have had some amazing experiences. You will get to meet the most wonderful clients (I’m sure you already have!) and throughout your career become a psychologist, friend, mother, daughter, healer and good listener to so many amazing women! Good luck with your studies!

  2. I can tell you spend a lot of time researching your material. It’s very well thought out and presented. Really just wanted to say “Hi” because I haven’t seen you around lately and wanted to make sure you were okay. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hello, I’m planning to study Level 2 Beauty Therapy in September and I always buy cruelty-free products. As I realize you said you brought all of your equipment that is cruelty-free. What brands did you purchase for your kit? It would be extremely helpful!

    • Hey – my college provided all the products so I actually didn’t need to buy anything that wasn’t a tool so to speak. I was very lucky that my college switched to Eve Taylor for skincare and we used Jane Iredale for make-up. He-Shi was the tan brand we used (I don’t rate it but they do claim to be cruelty free too). I believe China Glaze are also a cruelty free polish if you need to buy your own – good luck with your course and if you need a hand finding a cruelty free product feel free to shout 🙂 x

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