Ethical fashion

I love this blog and while it is not to do with ethical beauty products it would be a much kinder world if we all voted with our purse and bought ethical fashions too x


New courses for September

After the last year of working in Lush (Which I am loving) I am due to go off on maternity leave in September.  So what can I do with the “free time” I asked myself and decided I should do an evening course in another beauty discipline.

Looking at the local college prospectus I decided I would do my level 3 in Massage.  This makes sense as it is very much an essential skill in the beauty field.  The course is 4 hours per week and will be done and dusted by January!   I did however notice a level 2 course in Reflexology too… so yeah, I think I might do it as well. 

Both classes are on different nights and both only 4 hours so even when the baby is here, I won’t be gone for too long and I have no doubt Daddy and the army of family around us will do a great job in my absence for those 2 evenings.

I have also contacted Sweet Squared with regards to doing the CND Shellac Conversion course in Dublin (I had wanted to do OPI but it seems they offer no training in Ireland at all!).  The Conversion course is only a day course and will be easy to slot around work, I just need to hold tight until the Dublin store contact me with their next available training date.

Looking forward to ordering the kit for the course and I think I might treat myself to some CND Vinylux too while I am at it.

So while I may have been quiet on here for a while – the Beauty Student in me will be back in full action in the coming months with more blog posts tracking my journey and reviewing the products I am using along the way (as per usual all of my choices will be cruelty free).