Today was a good day; Swissdermyl delivery (picture heavy)

Today I woke up to the postman delivering me a parcel.  I was very pleased to see it was from Swissdermyl who I had requested send me an information pack.  Opening it was amazing, not only was the information in the parcel but LOTS of testers for me to try the range for myself.  Further still the lovely folk at Calla Distribution also included some other items from their make-up range for me to try too.



You will be pleased to know that everything is animal friendly and of a high quality salon standard.

Upon opening the parcel all I could smell was a sweet almost baby powder like smell.  It was lovely.


For the skincare side of things I received a cleanser, a toner, an enzyme peel, skin renewing cream, 1st wrinkle night cream, repair serum and eye contour serum.

Of course the first thing I did was go to the bathroom to try out the cleaner, toner and skin renewing cream.  The cleanser is very light and creamy a little seems to go a long way.  It smells really lovely although the only downside is I do rather a foam cleanser.  It did do the trick though as when I used the toner no make-up residue came off onto the cotton pad.  Again the toner smelt equally baby like.  The skin renewing cream went on nicely however it’s smell had a faint touch of a nail polish remover like smell.  Not strong enough to overpower but I could still smell a note or two of it.

I am yet to try the rest of the skincare samples, however I will update with how they went once I have.


Moving onto the make-up I hadn’t expected and this included a mineral foundation, 2 eye shadows, a liquid liner and mascara.

The foundation didn’t blow me away but I wouldn’t say it was a perfect match for my skin tone and no doubt this had an impact on my usage so don’t let my lack of positive comments on this put you off trying it.  I would actually still like to try it myself in another shade.


As for the eye shadows, well the only word to describe them for me was wow.  They are very highly pigmented and with only a very light coat with a little product the colour has great depth and coverage.  The shades I was provided with were “Red Rock” and “Walkabout”.


Excuse the lack of any other make-up! I find it odd to look at 2 different colours like this, so if it helps cover half of the photo to look at one eye and then the other half to look at the second eye.

The blinc liner was fantastic.  A very definite shade of black and not one of those liquid liners that is a bit wishy washy.  When taking it off it did come off with an almost flaking kind of effect.  This did mean a little got in my eye as I hadn’t expected it to flake, but to its credit, it’s staying power was fantastic.


The blinc mascara left a light non clumpy coating on the lashes.  They looked very natural and almost as if they had no mascara on but were darker, longer and a little thicker looking.


Overall, I was very impressed with what I received.  As I said I would like to try a different shade in the foundation and I do still have to try some of the products provided but if you are looking for possible ranges to have in your salon or in your mobile kit, then I highly recommend contacting Calla distribution.  Their service is quick, their response to online contact is quick and they are run by a very knowledgeable woman who’s opinion I would trust (I should make it clear I do not know, nor am i friends with this woman, I have just read a lot of information and advice she has given people over the years and i have always found it helpful).  I hope this blog will help spur you on to enquire further into the range to try it for yourself.


No pain no gain; learning to wax

Today was the day.  I even came prepared with ½ length leggings which I changed into before hopping onto the couch for the tutor to demonstrate a leg wax.

Today we used a warm lavender wax which smells just lovely and sort of comforting.  The tutor started with fabric strips and did the front of my first leg.  Upon completing the first leg she decided it would be good for my legs to be split into 4 quarters to enable 6 more people to try waxing my legs.  Not what I was expecting!

The first girl was great, she waxes her family and friends at home so knew exactly what she was doing.  The next girl was fine.  The 3rd girl seemed to forget you had to pull the strip off quickly!  While the 4th at some point forgot to stretch which was a bit ouchy too.  The back of my 2nd leg was done by one girl and she too did a fine job.  At some point they did change over to the paper strips which in my opinion stung a little less.

The tutor then pointed out any missed bits and went over them followed by my knees.  The after wax was applied and we were then let loose on each other.  Due to only 3 wax pots being available we were in groups of 4; 1 model and 3 waxers.  The girl we waxed unsurprisingly had no real hair growth to wax but this was the same with everyone waxed today with the exception of myself.  She did however have a tan.  DID.  Did you know how good wax is at taking off tan?  It actually looks a little gross when your waxing somebody with fake tan as you can literally see the stark colour difference in the before and after areas.

We learnt the importance of not “buttering the legs” and to hold the spatula at a 90 degree angle.  Our group seemed to have the best wax pot as the other 2 tables seemed to have quite thick wax to put on in comparison to ours.  It seemed a little more painful than it should have been for them but it did amuse me a little to see the faces of the others who were being waxed.  I was also amazed that we are expected to use only 3 strips to wax both legs and knees, I had expected it would have been more.

I actually found it quite therapeutic to wax my model.  Quite a logical process really so don’t worry about learning how to do it.  Just be sure to pull the strip quickly and hold the skin firmly and you will be fine.  From our first attempt, I can see I am a little slower than some others in the class but I guess time and practice will get me up to the 20 minute leg wax soon enough.  Next week we will start armpit waxing.  So glad I do not have to be the model for that or in fact the bikini waxes whenever we learn that.  I for sure got the easy end of the stick being the leg dummy.

Do you want a bikini wax like mine?

Well, the end of half term has come and college is back in full flow.  Today seen the start of our theory for waxing.  During the class we did hear the funniest story of a waxing experience.

One of the girls in our class went to Belfast for her first ever bikini wax and opted for a Brazilian style.  After describing what she was looking for the therapist proceeded to pull the front of her trousers and underwear down and asked “Do you want it like mine? Like this?” Oh my word.  How the girl from my class didn’t just die of heart failure there and then I will never know.  Not exactly the way any of my waxes have gone thank goodness.  Her friend had an equally out there experience involving her therapist insisting she get on all 4’s to have her rear waxed as she felt it was too hairy to leave after having her bikini wax done…I believe these therapists may have done so many intimate waxes now that they have forgotten how nerve wrecking it can be for a first timer?

Tomorrow we start the practical side of waxing.  As I was the only one who seemed to listen when we were advised to let out hair grow a little, I will be the guinea pig tomorrow.  Not that I mind, it’s only a half leg wax and I have had my fair share of them in the past anyway.  Totally looking forward to practicing though!

We also had a reminder today that next week we will be doing out Eve Taylor training.  We did use this for part of our facial portion of the course and I really can not wait to learn more about the full range.  The class will also be attending the Irish Beauty Show in Dublin next week, busy times ahead.

Networking opportunities and mermaid eyes

Yesterday I got propositioned with a networking possibility.  A local shop in the village is having a charity fundraiser and asked if I would like to come and do mini manicures for a few hours.  The idea sounds great, they would provide all the equipment and I would get to feel good about helping charity.  I would also have the chance to chat to people about what I am doing and about the fact I want to open a home salon in the summer.

Sadly it was not to be, the time they needed me was the same time that I work every Saturday. Poo!  Still it is a great networking idea for another time.  No doubt other stores will be wanting to do fundraisers in the coming months and perhaps I could offer to come along and do some mini manicures to aid their efforts and to help promote myself.

I was however still very flattered to be thought of and asked to come along to the event.

Tonight’s attempt at a theme was a mermaid theme care of a kids cartoon I watched with the littley before bed.


Now I don’t actually have black hair, nor do I have a desire for a scouse brow but it was the colour of the brows on the mermaid so I went with it.


I really liked the green into blue shades for this play session.  I can’t say I would ever wear it in reality but that is the fun of playing with make-up and getting extra practice in.  It’s not really about me and what I would wear, it’s about experimentation and pushing my own boundaries until I get better at it all.  I would say if you are currently doing your qualifications in beauty and you wish you were better at make-up, keep on plugging!  In the end we are bound to get much better 🙂

Eyeshadow : Playing with colour

I had some time to kill so figured I should get to trying to make myself brave with colours.

This is my attempt at using purple, yellow, a little green and a bit of white to hilight. I can’t say what brand as they are all generic little pots that I bought off e-bay perhaps 4 years ago for my university ball. (Please note, you may need to look beyond the messy hair and brows to see the make-up 😉 )


Looking at the photos I can see a few things I would change.  I think I would be better taking the colour up more? I would work harder at making the shading even and include a little more deffinition to the green section.

Any tips on how to improve are greatly accepted.  I am well aware that I need to get better with my use of colour as I really do rather sticking to safe options.