Life and beauty updates

So I am a bad egg, I haven’t updated you in months!

I did have good reason though – baby no.2 is now 2 months old and boy does she keep me busy!  Shes a beauty though so I will forgive her.

Massage course is half way done, I have missed 4 classed due to baby being born but doing well!  2 formatives down and 2 to go before my sumative 😀

Hardest thing to fit in is the coursework, my time just seems to fly by without me getting it done yet doh!  It shouldn’t be any more than 0 pages long so a few days of hard work will sort it out.

In a fit of madness, I also signed up to Younique for their presenter kit and to keep me out of trouble while off work lol.  Im quite enjoying it actually and happy to give you information on it if you would like some honest feedback 🙂 will take you to my facebook page.  It’s cruelty free (going through the process for their leaping bunny) so that makes me happy.

Talking of work, I have 10 keep in touch days and decided to go in to work on Saturday just past – loved it!  Forgot how much I love Lush at Christmas, Customers are so happy and the whole atmosphere is amazing.  Also loving the Hot Toddy shower gel!  It smells like cola bottles or if you know the bath range well – it smells like Melty Snowman who I loooooove.  I bought him and Butter Bear to enjoy this weekend ❤