Younique in Northern Ireland

For those of you who do not realise, I am based in ever so beautiful Northern Ireland where the grass literally IS greener hehe.

I am still amaized that there aren’t more presenters in N.Ireland and I am always looking to help new women looking to start their own business with Younique.

before and after 3D lashes2

Did you know that Avon has 6 million presenters worldwide?  Do you know how many Younique has? 177,459 as of this moment!  We have a fraction of the presenters Avon has and that means there is ENDLESS potential for growth.  At less than 3 years old, Younique is actually the fastest growing company EVER in network marketing history!

Let me say it again –


Do you know what that means?  It means that by jumping on the train while we still have less than 200,000 presenters in the world you are getting in at ground level.  Where do you think the Avon presenters who signed up all those years ago in the first 200,000 are now they have 6 MILLION reps?  Do you think they have done well?

The retention level in network marketing isn’t great.  It’s around 30% but right here at Younique we have a 70% retention rate.  That means that with the likes of Avon only 3 out of 10 sign ups stick around to go door to door with their books, while with Younique 7 out of 10 of presenters are staying with the company, working their business online and succeeding.

The fab thing about the way Younique works is that for me to succeed, I need to help others succeed.  What use would a team be if they have no support or direction?  I am so proud to be in a team that has generated many of our Black Level Presenters who are top of the Younique comp plan and have changed their lives forever!  We are also blessed that our Black Level Presenters freely share their information on how they got to Black Status and offer their support to those of us choosing the same path.

lets work together

If you want to learn more about how you can become part of Younique and have my support to get you started in the right direction then contact me via my personal Facebook page here as I would love to help you change your life and create your own successful story while working from home.  You can also check out my sign up page for more info here xx

Lets do thismascara millionaire

A bit of retail therapy at The Body Shop

I might work for Lush and I might be a Younique presenter but I do still have love for The Body Shop.

While I dislike that it was sold to a less than ethical company I am proud that it has stuck to it’s guns as a brand to show the major game players that cruelty free is a successful way to retail. It’s sad that there is only one in N.Ireland, I wish we still had more of them rather than having to travel to visit it.

One thing I find hard to buy is perfume, cruelty free perfume isn’t that easy to find in my experience.  While Lush have ones I love, they tend to be the limited edition ones and I run out very quickly!  I also love LGNS London but wanted to try something new so hit the body shop to claim my free gift for my birthday and to try out the perfumes.  Glad I did as the one I found is BEAUTIFUL!

the body shop

It was in the sale for £10 and I had a code to get me a further 40% off so I figured for £6 why not and now I am sad I didn’t buy more as it seems it isn’t on the website to buy again!  It is called “English dawn white gardenia and it reminds me of a Christina Aguilera perfume I used to wear years ago and was always complemented on.  The scent lasts well through the day and is a fresh floral that still has that comforting edge to it.

Very much hoping they bring it out again next Christmas as I will for sure be wanting more of it.

I also claimed a handcream as my £5 free birthday item, I haven’t used it so I can’t say much about it as it is just sat in a drawer waiting for my Lush handcreams to run out first.   I will review it when I get around to using it though :)

My Massage exams :)

This is my last week at massage class and it is just to make sure all my paperwork is in order for the file and coursework is up to scratch.

Last Thursday I had my sumative exam and I am pleased to say I passed with a distinction woohoo!

Not as stressful as you imagine as you don’t need to stick 100% to the routine, you just need to do a good mix of the moves you have been taught and stick to a good time.  It actually still stuns me how quickly an hour and 15 minutes passes when doing a massage.  I think it might be one of my fave treatments next to the facial to perform.

Do be aware that if you have to do the A&P coursework leave yourself good time to do it… it is a LOT of work to look up all the info you need to put into the paperwork.  My coursework ended up at 27 pages long!

Formative wise I did 4 and this had to include a 55+, use of heat treatment and use of mechanical massage but you will find it very easy to hit everything in the minimum of 4 massages as long as you plan well so no having to do 5 or 6 formatives which is fab!

If you are thinking about doing massage and a bit nervous, don’t be, it honestly is one of the easiest treatments to learn IMO x

It’s confirmed, Younique 3D Mascara will Launch in Germany and Mexico July 2015!

Now we knew there would be 4 new markets in Europe this year and we have guessed where we think it will be but Germany is now official and will be launched at the same time as Mexico which I had not seen coming!

Germany 2015

My team of yummy mummys and hard working ladies are very excited about this and we are so looking forward to having new team members that will challenge us in new ways while we help them learn the ropes of Younique and how to build their own successful business.  Don’t feel the need to wait until closer to the time to get in touch, I would love to chat with you now if you think you would like to join Younique.  I would be happy to tell you all about the company and my experiences with it to help you decide if Younique is the right thing for you.  Working from home around your family can be very rewarding.


If you happen to be living in Germany or Mexico but perhaps you are from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand … talk to me.  I would love to help you learn how you can sign up NOW and market to your friends and family back home for a few months while networking in Germany/Mexico ready for the launch.  You are the people with the BIGGEST potential to be team building with HUGE success.  You can contact me through here, or my Facebook profile or my Facebook page Mascara Mad.

Another great thing about the new countries isn’t just that you can sign up to retail Younique, clearly you will be able to BUY it!  3D Fiber Lash Mascara is coming your way to change the way your lashes look forever!  if you want to be one of the first buying the product in your country then let me know!  I would LOVE to have you on my list of people to contact to order on launch day!

We have a tonne of new products coming out this year too.  Starting from March 1st, be sure to keep an eye out for official launch dates but check out this image that will give you an idea of some of the products on their way.

New products

*  Top left – Lip Stain

*  Top right – Bronzer

*  Middle left – make-up removal wipes

*  Bottom Left – Foundation buds

*  Bottom right – Cream eye shadow

Younique expanding to Germany, Italy, France and Spain?!

So we have some exciting news coming up this month with Younique.  We are expanding to not one, not two but FOUR European countries thanks the AMAZING success in the UK!

dior v younique

The UK had over £5 million worth of sales in it’s first month alone!  How mind boggling is it that a company could go from 0 – £5 million with NO paid advertising?

I am looking for bloggers and beauty lovers in Germany, Italy, France and Spain to get in touch with me if they are interested in learning more about Younique.  I would LOVE to share my business with you and help you get in at the launch of Younique in YOUR country so you can be the mover and the shaker that achieves success.

favorite mascara 2  I would also like to point out that the first Black level presenter in each new country gets flown to the USA and given a cheque for $10,000!!  What an amazing opportunity this is for you to be THAT person.  In the UK the first Black level presenter was achieved in 3 days!  She had networked prior to the launch and built a team of empowered women ready for success and success was what we have achieved.

If you currently work for another Network Marketing company in these countries, then you KNOW how vital it is to get in there at the start and how much this can have an effect on your level of success.
MascaraFeel free to visit my facebook page to contact me for more information and to see how wonderful the products Younique has to offer are.

Here’s to building your own successful team and creating an amazing business for yourself x

  improve your selfies   with and without mascara Younique Mascarafrench mascara

Create Chloe Goodmans look using cruelty free make-up!

I have been watching Celeb Big Brother and I was loooooving Chloe Goodmans make-up every time I seen her so I thought I would do a quick blog on it.

chloe goodman

If you too like her look then the great news is I can tell you what to use to recreate it with Younique products which are cruelty free (undergoing the proceedure to get their leaping bunny).  For a full list of items and prices check out the end of the post.
I would start with our Glorious Primer for the base of your make-up.  It gives an amazingly smooth silky base to prep the skin for your foundation.  I find that 1 pump is enough to cover my whole face and so feel that for £30 this item is amazing value for money as it is going to last me forever.
Next I would go for the BB Flawless bb cream.  This offers medium coverage and despite having an uneven skintone it does a fab job of evening it all out.
bb creams 1
While the BB Cream is one that fights shine, I do still like to use our Touch Powder compact to set it and ensure I don’t get any shine and pair it up with our Moodstruck Mineral Blush in Sweet.  The blush is a loose powder and a little goes a long way so my advice would be careful not to overload your brush.
Blusher 4 Foundation - mineral touch
Our 3D Mascara is by far Youniques best seller as it gives amazing results!  So it goes without saying that this is the mascara I am going to suggest to recreate Chloes look!  It is a 2 step mascara that gives the effect of false lashes due to the green tea fibers that it attaches to your own lashes and can be easily washed off with your make-up at the end of the day.
mascara 2For your lips I have 2 options or you could use them both together for maximum effect.  Our pencils offer a matte long lasting colour and to give that pin up lip that Chloe sported on the show I would suggest Primal or use our Lucrative Lipgloss in Lethal for a red lip with a shine.
lip gloss colours 2My final item is optional and it is to fill the brows.  I would suggest our Moodstruck Mineral Pigment in Infatuated as it is a lovely matte brown.  Great to define and fill the brow area without being too in your face.  You can use the pigments dry or wet and of course the brown can be used on the eyes as well as the brow area.
pigment set
So to recap:

*  Glorious Primer (£30)
* Touch Powder compact to set (£25)
* Moodstruck Mineral Blush in Sweet (£23)
* 3D False Lash effect Mascara (£23)
* Moodstruck Mineral Pigment in Infatuated (for filling your brows) £10
* Precision Pencil in Primal for matte lips(£12) and/or
* Lucrative Lipgloss in Lethal for lips with a shine(£12)
Of course you can mix and match which items you would like with what you already have in the make-up bag at home BUT these items would give you the full look for that flawless skin, popping lips and amazing lashes!

You can purchase any items you want through my current party link

or if you are late to this post you can visit Mascara Mad for any purchases or like my faceebook page for updates here.

Life and beauty updates

So I am a bad egg, I haven’t updated you in months!

I did have good reason though – baby no.2 is now 2 months old and boy does she keep me busy!  Shes a beauty though so I will forgive her.

Massage course is half way done, I have missed 4 classed due to baby being born but doing well!  2 formatives down and 2 to go before my sumative :D

Hardest thing to fit in is the coursework, my time just seems to fly by without me getting it done yet doh!  It shouldn’t be any more than 0 pages long so a few days of hard work will sort it out.

In a fit of madness, I also signed up to Younique for their presenter kit and to keep me out of trouble while off work lol.  Im quite enjoying it actually and happy to give you information on it if you would like some honest feedback :) will take you to my facebook page.  It’s cruelty free (going through the process for their leaping bunny) so that makes me happy.

Talking of work, I have 10 keep in touch days and decided to go in to work on Saturday just past – loved it!  Forgot how much I love Lush at Christmas, Customers are so happy and the whole atmosphere is amazing.  Also loving the Hot Toddy shower gel!  It smells like cola bottles or if you know the bath range well – it smells like Melty Snowman who I loooooove.  I bought him and Butter Bear to enjoy this weekend <3