Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadows <3 <3 <3

Splurge is a cream eye shadow that Younique launched on March 1st and the feedback on it has been amazing!!  The website description is:

“For extravagant lids that glisten, look no further than Splurge-luxurious, long-wearing cream shadow fit for a queen. With this elite eye shadow and its velvety opulence, you’ll turn heads wherever life takes you, from a night out in your best dress to running errands in your favorite jeans. Go ahead. Treat yourself like royalty every day, every month. You deserve to Splurge!”

Splurge Cream Eye Shadow

Splurge Cream Eye Shadow

Currently Splurge is only available in 1 shade which is Elegant and the other 2 pictured above will follow with Dainty coming out on April 1st and Tenacious coming out on May 1st.  I have my order of Elegant on its way and I wont lie, I am super excited for it to arrive!

splurge elegant

It’s the kind of shade that wouldn’t be out of place on a Naked pallete.  It is a lovely neutral colour with a beautiful shimmer and I have no doubts it will become one of my staple products to reach for.

So although we know that 2 more are being released in April and May… can I let you into a secret?  Younique already see how amazing the demand for this product is going to be and there will be a total of 12 shades launched!  I personally think the names remind me of a Disney princess, so I am hoping for loads of floaty flattering beautiful princess worthy shades coming up. Eeeeeeek talk about excitement overload!

splurge updateFor me, Splurge is the kind of eye shadow you can wear on its own for a pretty feminine look or equally to add it to a matte look for that bit of sparkle.  Team it up with your 3D Fiber Lash Mascara and BAM! You have a shamazingly elegant look right there.

Splurge retails for £21 and can be purchased from

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I love to win…

Remember how I won a Beachfront Bronzer this week in one of our Younique team incentives?  Well last night I won ANOTHER team incentive for a set of eye brushes worth £44.

eye brush set

I had put it out there to “The Universe” as they say in The Secret (or God if you are me) that I wanted to win our team incentive, I had meant I wanted to win the i-pad incentive but clearly I didn’t make it crystal clear which incentive I wanted.  Still winning 2 in one month is fab.  I love that Younique run so many incentives for our teams because I genuinely love to win.  I don’t care what I win, I just like to know I did my best.

That said, I am not sure I will use this brush set, it is likely to be for display only as 3 of the 4 brushes are made using animal hair which is a no no for me.  Not because I essentially mind animal hair, I just rarely trust the ethics of the people who supply animal hair.  if I could go up the road and get some pony hair myself from when they are clipped and a brush made with it, then that would be 100% okay with me.  I might have to do some digging to find out a little bit more about where the hair for these brushes comes from.

But just so we are clear, I am putting it out there to you now God that if there are any other ipad incentives this month… THAT is what I want to win next 😀


“Thanks, but I don’t shop at The Body Shop”

I was reading another blog the other day by a vegan author.  She reviewed a lot of products on her page suitable for vegans which I 100% applaud.  One of these blogs was on make-up brushes by ELF.  If you flick through my blog you will know I like ELF products and own some but I thought I would ask if she had ever tried The Body Shop brushes as those are by far my fave brushes for softness and the response was “Thanks, but I don’t shop at The Body Shop”.

While I am aware that Loreal bought The Body Shop and this has put some cruelty free shoppers off buying from them, I am not in that group of people.  I believe that when we vote with our feet and buy cruelty free it shows Loreal how important it is that they invest more money into making their business, as a whole, cruelty free.

So that begs the question, where do you draw the line? I wonder if this person still goes to a supermarket like Tesco/Asda to buy their vegan butter, cheese, milk etc because surely by the standard that she wouldn’t shop in The Body Shop because that purchase ultimately is with Loreal who do test on animals, then she should not shop in Tesco/Asda as they also retail products by brands which are not cruelty free as well as meat.  Further still, the problem with ELF is that they retail products at such a low cost that we can only assume that those who make these products in China can not be paid an ethical and fair wage.  Is that not worse than shopping from a store which is cruelty free but owned by a larger company which is not?  Or do our ethics only apply to animals?

I didn’t push her on the issue because I felt it would be futile but I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter and say to people, if you want your cosmetics to be cruelty free then please buy from cruelty free brands to show that cruelty free is what we want.  It is my opinion that this is the only way to encourage more brands to change their ways.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you deem The Body Shop as a store you should not shop from? And if so do you still do your grocery shop at a store that defy your own morals?

(I will also add that I did make sure Younique were cruelty free before I signed up with them and they are seeking their leaping bunny – but please note that their range is not 100% vegan)

Which Younique Beachfront Bronzer will suit my skintone?

So, today I won a free Beachfront Bronzer from our team incentive, which is fantastic news for me as it is new and so I haven’t tried it before.  Of course the first thing I was asked was “What colour would you like?”.

If you read my blog often, you will know I am super pale.  Pale to the point some brands don’t do foundation pale enough for me!  So picking the right colour of a bronzer is essential for me.  I don’t want to look like I have just swirled an orange powder on myself…

Beachfront Bronzer

Younique Beachfront Bronzer

I figured I am not the only one with this worry so I wanted to share with you the 3 shades and how to know which one will suit you.

The Beachfront Bronzer is half matte, half shimmer and will give you a golden glow. Made with Safflower, Ginseng, Aloe, Ginkgo and shares Youniques usual values such as being paraben free.  The options you have are:

Sunset – this is the one I went for, perfect for paler complexions and is a light tan colour.

Malibu – this will be the one that will suit most people, it is a medium tan.

Hermosa –  this one is very much for deeper, warmer complexions as it has red and deep copper tones to it.

Think of the 3 shades as light, medium and dark when they are placed in the above order and that will give you an idea of which one will suit you best.

Beachfront shades

Sunset, Malibu and Hermosa.

So looking forward to getting my hands on mine to show you how it looks on.  The Beachfront Bronzer retails at £25 and can be purchased from Mascara Mad to ensure you are looking sunkissed all year round.