“Thanks, but I don’t shop at The Body Shop”

I was reading another blog the other day by a vegan author.  She reviewed a lot of products on her page suitable for vegans which I 100% applaud.  One of these blogs was on make-up brushes by ELF.  If you flick through my blog you will know I like ELF products and own some but I thought I would ask if she had ever tried The Body Shop brushes as those are by far my fave brushes for softness and the response was “Thanks, but I don’t shop at The Body Shop”.

While I am aware that Loreal bought The Body Shop and this has put some cruelty free shoppers off buying from them, I am not in that group of people.  I believe that when we vote with our feet and buy cruelty free it shows Loreal how important it is that they invest more money into making their business, as a whole, cruelty free.

So that begs the question, where do you draw the line? I wonder if this person still goes to a supermarket like Tesco/Asda to buy their vegan butter, cheese, milk etc because surely by the standard that she wouldn’t shop in The Body Shop because that purchase ultimately is with Loreal who do test on animals, then she should not shop in Tesco/Asda as they also retail products by brands which are not cruelty free as well as meat.  Further still, the problem with ELF is that they retail products at such a low cost that we can only assume that those who make these products in China can not be paid an ethical and fair wage.  Is that not worse than shopping from a store which is cruelty free but owned by a larger company which is not?  Or do our ethics only apply to animals?

I didn’t push her on the issue because I felt it would be futile but I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter and say to people, if you want your cosmetics to be cruelty free then please buy from cruelty free brands to show that cruelty free is what we want.  It is my opinion that this is the only way to encourage more brands to change their ways.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you deem The Body Shop as a store you should not shop from? And if so do you still do your grocery shop at a store that defy your own morals?

(I will also add that I did make sure Younique were cruelty free before I signed up with them and they are seeking their leaping bunny – but please note that their range is not 100% vegan)


A bit of retail therapy at The Body Shop

I might work for Lush and I might be a Younique presenter but I do still have love for The Body Shop.

While I dislike that it was sold to a less than ethical company I am proud that it has stuck to it’s guns as a brand to show the major game players that cruelty free is a successful way to retail. It’s sad that there is only one in N.Ireland, I wish we still had more of them rather than having to travel to visit it.

One thing I find hard to buy is perfume, cruelty free perfume isn’t that easy to find in my experience.  While Lush have ones I love, they tend to be the limited edition ones and I run out very quickly!  I also love LGNS London but wanted to try something new so hit the body shop to claim my free gift for my birthday and to try out the perfumes.  Glad I did as the one I found is BEAUTIFUL!

the body shop

It was in the sale for £10 and I had a code to get me a further 40% off so I figured for £6 why not and now I am sad I didn’t buy more as it seems it isn’t on the website to buy again!  It is called “English dawn white gardenia and it reminds me of a Christina Aguilera perfume I used to wear years ago and was always complemented on.  The scent lasts well through the day and is a fresh floral that still has that comforting edge to it.

Very much hoping they bring it out again next Christmas as I will for sure be wanting more of it.

I also claimed a handcream as my £5 free birthday item, I haven’t used it so I can’t say much about it as it is just sat in a drawer waiting for my Lush handcreams to run out first.   I will review it when I get around to using it though 🙂

The best back scratch in the world!

Okay, so it might not be what they market this item as but it is what my other half and I have renamed it.

Last week I went to The Body Shop and bought a few items, one of which was their “Spa Fit Massager”.  I thought it would be nice to use to help stimulate circulation in my legs and also for back massage (my favourite!).  The reviews on The Body Shop website are also pretty great and say what a difference it can make to the skin tone.


The Spa FIt Massager aka the back scratcher!


The massager is made of hard yellow plastic on oneside and a rubbery white side has the bumpy bits that are used to massage.  Some of the bumpy bits are rounded but a lot of them are kind of pointy.  We think this is what makes it such a good back scratcher!

It retails for £7 although with the love to shop discount I paid £6.30.  Was it worth the investment? For me yes, my other half has no nails and this has improved his back scratching a million times over and while I do have nails, he seems to think the Spa Fit Massager gives a more “even” scratch.

Our score would be 10/10 for back scratching but perhaps only 6/10 for massage.  I do however plan to use it in the shower a few times to see if it improves the tone of my legs.

It’s time to “Love Your Body”

When I go shopping for toiletries I tend to air on the side of caution.  I don’t want to buy an item unless I know it is cruelty free which often means I need to google the company.  This is where The Body Shop have me cornered.  I know when I go into this shop that ALL of their products are animal friendly and I don’t need to think about what I can or can not buy.

To cheer me up this week, my lovely partner brought me and my daughter out on a shopping trip to Belfast.  While there, I wandered into The Body Shop store for a look at their make-up brushes.  I lifted a lipstick and concealer brush for £9 as I currently have no lip brushes in my college kit.  As I am not often in The Body Shop I decided I may as well look for a second brush and ended up with a Line Softener to use with lip and eyeliner which had been reduced from £8 to £5 in the sale.

Body Shop Brushes

My small collection of Body Shop Brushes – oldest brush to the back (slightly faded)

I do actually love the body shop brushes and I am building up my collection of them.  I find them very durable and extremely soft.  My current face and body brush is around 4 – 5 years old and it is still as soft as they day I got it.  I really can not recommend their brushes enough if you are trying to get good quality brushes at a reasonable price that will last you beyond your time at college.

The make-up section ended up talking to me once I was done looking at the brushes.  Pressed powder compacts had been reduced from £12.50 to £7 and as they had one in my shade (01) I lifted it to try as well.  I have to say I am very impressed with it.  I bought it to put on over my own foundation to mattify and prevent an oily look (my current foundation is from the Marks and Spencers Autograph range and can look a little oily at times) and it does a great job.  The powder matches my pale skin colouring well and the packaging is rather cute too.  You can see just how pale it is in a photo further down the blog.

At this point my daughter decided she needed something for her “beauty kit”.  Nanny had kindly bought her a Barbie beauty case for Christmas with some make-up in it and now she feels as if she needs to expand her kit as I do mine.  She chose a mango lip butter.  The lip butter itself smells divine however I am not allowed to touch it…

I decided we should head to the till before we bought anything else and remembered about the “Love Your Body” card they offer.  These cost £5 and are very easy to sign up for.  I decided I would buy one as I will make good use of it this year.  This is where my shop got interesting.

As a thank you for joining I got a free solid perfume in White Musk and as it’s my birthday this month I was also told I could pick another gift up to £5 for free, I opted for a foot file as I need a new one.

Purchases minus lip butter

Purchases minus lip butter

Total of my full shop – £41 … what I actually paid – £23.40.

My total was after my free items, a 3 for 2 on make-up items and a 10% discount for buying the card.  A saving of £17.60 and that’s before you include the savings on my sale items which would have totalled an extra £8.50.  Further still they gave me a voucher for £10 off if I spend £30 or more between now and the end of the month.

If you find that you shop here at all I would suggest you get the Love Your Body card as it will not only offer you 10% discount and a free £5 gift for your birthday but also on your fourth purchase you will get a second free £5 gift and on your eighth shop you will receive a free £10 gift (both of your own choosing).

I don’t know about you but give me free items and a good discount and I sure will love spending my money with your store – good work Body Shop!

Mini shopping trip

I went on a mini shopping spree in Lush on Thursday.  I don’t often go to Lush as my local one is 40 minutes drive away and so not particularly handy although I love it.

The main thing I wanted to get was their Eyes Right mascara.  It comes in the most odd packaging but I guess that is the best way they can make it to make it recyclable?  My first try with it I was a bit irritated, the wand is very odd to use as it is very short and stubby.  I found it caused me to get bits of mascara on my eyelid as I tried to put it on.

My second use of it was a little more successful and I guess I will gradually get used to the stumpy wand.  It left a nice colour on my lashes and 2 coats seemed to be enough to make it look good.  I wanted to try it as I do sometimes get stingy eyes when using other mascaras and felt this one would be good as its supposed to be very gentle and only 1 preservative in it.  Pleased to report my eyes felt fine with it on all day.

I also purchased Herbalisim which I have used before and I always notice a positive effect on my skin when I use it.  In the past I have always had fairly bad skin, however at the moment my skin is looking the best it ever has in my adult life (I am putting it down to the weekly facials in class) and I am hoping using Herbalisim again will bring it as close to perfect looking as I can expect to get.

For my daughter I bought a bath wand which she adores and it creates a lovely pink bubbly bath – what girl wouldn’t love it?

My final item was a Jumping Juniper Shampoo bar.  It smells lovely and lathers quite easily.  My hair felt very clean after using it and I am only sorry I didn’t buy a conditioner to try at the same time.

I did pop into The Body Shop as well, I wanted to check their brushes out and to see their foundation range.  They did have a mineral one that matched my skin colour well but I decided I will wait until I have used  all that I have in the house up first.  I found some Lilly Lolo samples today that I will need to use up as well as my current Max Factor one which i want to get away from.
Overall it was a nice shopping day with a few good bits picked up and new purchases planned all with the ethics that I want to bring into my life.