Younique in Northern Ireland

For those of you who do not realise, I am based in ever so beautiful Northern Ireland where the grass literally IS greener hehe.

I am still amaized that there aren’t more presenters in N.Ireland and I am always looking to help new women looking to start their own business with Younique.

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Did you know that Avon has 6 million presenters worldwide?  Do you know how many Younique has? 177,459 as of this moment!  We have a fraction of the presenters Avon has and that means there is ENDLESS potential for growth.  At less than 3 years old, Younique is actually the fastest growing company EVER in network marketing history!

Let me say it again –


Do you know what that means?  It means that by jumping on the train while we still have less than 200,000 presenters in the world you are getting in at ground level.  Where do you think the Avon presenters who signed up all those years ago in the first 200,000 are now they have 6 MILLION reps?  Do you think they have done well?

The retention level in network marketing isn’t great.  It’s around 30% but right here at Younique we have a 70% retention rate.  That means that with the likes of Avon only 3 out of 10 sign ups stick around to go door to door with their books, while with Younique 7 out of 10 of presenters are staying with the company, working their business online and succeeding.

The fab thing about the way Younique works is that for me to succeed, I need to help others succeed.  What use would a team be if they have no support or direction?  I am so proud to be in a team that has generated many of our Black Level Presenters who are top of the Younique comp plan and have changed their lives forever!  We are also blessed that our Black Level Presenters freely share their information on how they got to Black Status and offer their support to those of us choosing the same path.

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If you want to learn more about how you can become part of Younique and have my support to get you started in the right direction then contact me via my personal Facebook page here as I would love to help you change your life and create your own successful story while working from home.  You can also check out my sign up page for more info here xx

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Younique expanding to Germany, Italy, France and Spain?!

So we have some exciting news coming up this month with Younique.  We are expanding to not one, not two but FOUR European countries thanks the AMAZING success in the UK!

dior v younique

The UK had over £5 million worth of sales in it’s first month alone!  How mind boggling is it that a company could go from 0 – £5 million with NO paid advertising?

I am looking for bloggers and beauty lovers in Germany, Italy, France and Spain to get in touch with me if they are interested in learning more about Younique.  I would LOVE to share my business with you and help you get in at the launch of Younique in YOUR country so you can be the mover and the shaker that achieves success.

favorite mascara 2  I would also like to point out that the first Black level presenter in each new country gets flown to the USA and given a cheque for $10,000!!  What an amazing opportunity this is for you to be THAT person.  In the UK the first Black level presenter was achieved in 3 days!  She had networked prior to the launch and built a team of empowered women ready for success and success was what we have achieved.

If you currently work for another Network Marketing company in these countries, then you KNOW how vital it is to get in there at the start and how much this can have an effect on your level of success.
MascaraFeel free to visit my facebook page to contact me for more information and to see how wonderful the products Younique has to offer are.

Here’s to building your own successful team and creating an amazing business for yourself x

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Mini shopping trip

I went on a mini shopping spree in Lush on Thursday.  I don’t often go to Lush as my local one is 40 minutes drive away and so not particularly handy although I love it.

The main thing I wanted to get was their Eyes Right mascara.  It comes in the most odd packaging but I guess that is the best way they can make it to make it recyclable?  My first try with it I was a bit irritated, the wand is very odd to use as it is very short and stubby.  I found it caused me to get bits of mascara on my eyelid as I tried to put it on.

My second use of it was a little more successful and I guess I will gradually get used to the stumpy wand.  It left a nice colour on my lashes and 2 coats seemed to be enough to make it look good.  I wanted to try it as I do sometimes get stingy eyes when using other mascaras and felt this one would be good as its supposed to be very gentle and only 1 preservative in it.  Pleased to report my eyes felt fine with it on all day.

I also purchased Herbalisim which I have used before and I always notice a positive effect on my skin when I use it.  In the past I have always had fairly bad skin, however at the moment my skin is looking the best it ever has in my adult life (I am putting it down to the weekly facials in class) and I am hoping using Herbalisim again will bring it as close to perfect looking as I can expect to get.

For my daughter I bought a bath wand which she adores and it creates a lovely pink bubbly bath – what girl wouldn’t love it?

My final item was a Jumping Juniper Shampoo bar.  It smells lovely and lathers quite easily.  My hair felt very clean after using it and I am only sorry I didn’t buy a conditioner to try at the same time.

I did pop into The Body Shop as well, I wanted to check their brushes out and to see their foundation range.  They did have a mineral one that matched my skin colour well but I decided I will wait until I have used  all that I have in the house up first.  I found some Lilly Lolo samples today that I will need to use up as well as my current Max Factor one which i want to get away from.
Overall it was a nice shopping day with a few good bits picked up and new purchases planned all with the ethics that I want to bring into my life.