“Thanks, but I don’t shop at The Body Shop”

I was reading another blog the other day by a vegan author.  She reviewed a lot of products on her page suitable for vegans which I 100% applaud.  One of these blogs was on make-up brushes by ELF.  If you flick through my blog you will know I like ELF products and own some but I thought I would ask if she had ever tried The Body Shop brushes as those are by far my fave brushes for softness and the response was “Thanks, but I don’t shop at The Body Shop”.

While I am aware that Loreal bought The Body Shop and this has put some cruelty free shoppers off buying from them, I am not in that group of people.  I believe that when we vote with our feet and buy cruelty free it shows Loreal how important it is that they invest more money into making their business, as a whole, cruelty free.

So that begs the question, where do you draw the line? I wonder if this person still goes to a supermarket like Tesco/Asda to buy their vegan butter, cheese, milk etc because surely by the standard that she wouldn’t shop in The Body Shop because that purchase ultimately is with Loreal who do test on animals, then she should not shop in Tesco/Asda as they also retail products by brands which are not cruelty free as well as meat.  Further still, the problem with ELF is that they retail products at such a low cost that we can only assume that those who make these products in China can not be paid an ethical and fair wage.  Is that not worse than shopping from a store which is cruelty free but owned by a larger company which is not?  Or do our ethics only apply to animals?

I didn’t push her on the issue because I felt it would be futile but I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter and say to people, if you want your cosmetics to be cruelty free then please buy from cruelty free brands to show that cruelty free is what we want.  It is my opinion that this is the only way to encourage more brands to change their ways.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you deem The Body Shop as a store you should not shop from? And if so do you still do your grocery shop at a store that defy your own morals?

(I will also add that I did make sure Younique were cruelty free before I signed up with them and they are seeking their leaping bunny – but please note that their range is not 100% vegan)


ELF cosmetics

So my box from ELF that I won on December 1st is still yet to arrive.  They are looking into what has happened it though so hopefully soon I can review those products

In the mean time I decided to order a few bits from their website to try out.  First on my hit list was their HD Mattifying Cream Foundation in Porcelain.  The packaging is nice and it comes with its own sponge applicator.  The colour is also a pretty amazing match for my skin tone.  It does exactly what you hope, it keeps the skin looking lovely and matt and provides a good even coverage.  I would say coverage is medium to high as it does a great job covering any blemishes without concealer.  It also seems to make my pores less noticeable.  The only downside is that the foundation will really hilight any dryness on the skin.  For that reason I would advise this foundation only to those of us with oily or normal skin.  Even at that, I imagine we will still need to ensure we keep up regular exfoliation.

That said, for £7 the foundation is amazing value for money and i can see myself buying it again.

ImageNext I purchased 2 blushers as I couldn’t decide which one would be best.

First was the HD blush in Superstar.  It cost £3.75 for a 10ml pump.  Again the quality of this product was amazing.  The colour is highly pigmented so a very small amount goes a long way and blends easily onto the skin.  I would advise the first time you try it, don’t even bother putting a full pump on your fingers to use as you will need less than half of that unless you want to look like you have slightly overdone the blush.


Superstar is 2nd from the left.

The last item was the most bargainous of the bunch at £1.50 which was their All Over Colour Stick in Lilac Petal.  The colour is a lovely light pinky shade and again it blends easily on the skin.  I would say this one would be easier to use if you are a little wary of using too much colour with the HD blusher.  I liked this one so much I may get it in Spotlight as well to use as a highlighter.

ImageI found it hard to find any flaws with these products that would prevent me from buying again or advising others to get.  If you need some new supplies and are running low on funds then this is a perfect budget friendly brand to try and yipee to them being cruelty free too 🙂

I decided to treat myself to some cruelty free perfume!

I have wanted to buy some items from LgnsLondon for a while but kept putting it off.  As I now have a new job on the horizon I decided to treat myself.


All photos property of http://www.lgnslondon.co.uk


I remembered reading a blog on their Roses and Diamonds perfume and as my current perfume is almost done, investing in a cruelty free perfume backed by the BUAV seemed the most logical thing for me to do.  This perfume and Serenity which is also by LgnsLondon is currently retailing at £19.99 with free postage which I believe is a great price.


All photos property of http://www.lgnslondon.co.uk


Score for me as even better than free postage, at the moment they are offering a free nude lipgloss (retails for £4.99) and a black mascara (retails for £4.99).  Perfect for a natural look which is generally what I like for going to work.


All photos property of http://www.lgnslondon.co.uk


My “Eyes Right” mascara from Lush is nearing it’s end and although I love it, I am not going to be to shy to say I am looking forward to trying this one too.


All photos property of http://www.lgnslondon.co.uk


The lip gloss looks nice.  I don’t often wear anything other than balm on my lips but when I do it is generally a peach or light pink shade so I think this one will be right up my street.

Looking forward to reviewing these once they arrive so hurry up Mr Postman, Emmy is in need of something new to play with!

If you are looking to try some of their products for yourself, they are currently offering a free perfume sample to anyone who likes their facebook page here.  All the details of how to claim your free sample are on their website. 

On another note I am a little excited that although I am ending my current job soon to move to Lush, they have asked me to come in tomorrow to work on one of the make-up concession stands.  I never normally work in that end of the shop and so it will be great to put some of my beauty skills to use before I leave and hopefully get them a good level of sales – wish me luck!