My Massage exams :)

This is my last week at massage class and it is just to make sure all my paperwork is in order for the file and coursework is up to scratch.

Last Thursday I had my sumative exam and I am pleased to say I passed with a distinction woohoo!

Not as stressful as you imagine as you don’t need to stick 100% to the routine, you just need to do a good mix of the moves you have been taught and stick to a good time.Β  It actually still stuns me how quickly an hour and 15 minutes passes when doing a massage.Β  I think it might be one of my fave treatments next to the facial to perform.

Do be aware that if you have to do the A&P coursework leave yourself good time to do it… it is a LOT of work to look up all the info you need to put into the paperwork.Β  My coursework ended up at 27 pages long!

Formative wise I did 4 and this had to include a 55+, use of heat treatment and use of mechanical massage but you will find it very easy to hit everything in the minimum of 4 massages as long as you plan well so no having to do 5 or 6 formatives which is fab!

If you are thinking about doing massage and a bit nervous, don’t be, it honestly is one of the easiest treatments to learn IMO x


4 thoughts on “My Massage exams :)

  1. Hi, I am studying level 2 at the minute and have been reading your blog posts about your course, really helpful and interesting! are you doing city and guilds? I am doing it with c&g and we have just been doing online exams, I assume in place of coursework! Can’t imagine how we would fit in doing coursework now we are used to a quick online exam! Lol I think the coursework would prob be a better way of getting the theory to stick in your head!

  2. Yes the exams are great in that they done and dusted very quickly, i find i remember the stuff from class quite well too – i find it interesting and i think the anatomy and physiology sinks in eventually lol!! I do find that the online exams take quite a bit of reading the questions carefully as they can catch you out very easily! Loving my course, currently struggling through waxing assessments! haha πŸ™‚ planning on doing level 3 next year and looking forward to learning massage!

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