Lush Ayesha face mask and The Hair Doctor hair mask!

As I have a whole week off work and I seem to have acquired the cold and sore throat, I figured what better way to cheer myself up than with a bit of a pamper?

So off I trotted to the fridge and pulled out an Ayesha and The Hair Doctor both by Lush.

If you have never used a fresh mask from Lush before you may be confused why I went to the fridge.  Well, all of the Lush fresh face masks are preservative free and made with fresh ingredients.  For this reason, you need to store them in the fridge to keep the fresh.  They last around 3 weeks in the fridge which gives you enough time to enjoy a mask twice a week or so until the pot is done.

Let’s start with Ayesha shall we?  Ayesha was my mask of choice tonight because she is anti-ageing and I felt like my skin could do with a little tone up.  I mean check out my eyes, they look tired and old tonight!

This mask is made with asparagus to benefit the skin with its nutrients and kiwi to cleanse.  I also love that it contains fullers earth, kaolin and witch hazel.  All of which are great to draw out impurities and sebum when you have problem skin like I do.  There is no strong smell to this one and you should feel it start to dry and tighten the skin in around 10 minutes.  When I wash this mask off, my skin does feel firmer and cleaner and I love that!


Then for the hair.  Well Hair Doctor is my sisters favourite and I like to think my sister has pretty nice hair.  She is going to love me for this photo I am sure but take the complement Gracie – it shows your hair and how nice it is haha.

ImageThis product has a very distinctive peppermint smell and indeed you will feel the reaction of the mint on your scalp as you wear this mask also.  It will make your head feel slightly cold and tingly?  The purpose of the peppermint is to stimulate the scalp and the follicles while the mask also contains Irish moss powder, extra virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba oil and almond oil to condition and soften the scalp and hair.

It does leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean after using it and my hair does feel a little softer too.  I do sometimes think that for £6.95 it is quite costly when I can only get one treatment from the pot.  I would advise you get this as your freebie when you return your 5 pots to recycle otherwise try out one of the none fresh and larger hair masks which will let you get multiple treatments from one pot.


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