A slightly non beauty related post!

I guess to be interested in beauty you have to have a creative heart even if you don’t always seem creative on the surface?

It is getting to the time of year where I always feel the need to make the house look exciting and theme it up for Halloween and then Christmas!  I also love finding things to do with the littley to keep her amused and creating happy memories.  Today I have seen some amazing projects that I would really like to do!

The first was a “Monster tote bag” here.  I mean come on – how fantastic is that!?  It is made from an old cushion cover and well, I do love anything that reuses and recycles.


Cute bag made from an old pillow!

The next thing I seen was posted by the Crownbrush UK Facebook page and it was a Christmas craft penguin to hang on your tree made from an old lightbulb!


Cute penguins

They remind me a little of The Christmas Penguin bubble bars we are selling in work (Lush) at the moment:

ImageThese little penguins share the same scent as The Olive Branch shower gel and turn your bath a beautiful light blue.  If you have never used The Olive Branch, it has a very mild scent with a faint hint of orange and lemon.  A very clean and fresh smell without being in your face about it.  I also love how each one has it’s very own personality depending on how the compounder has shaped them and the positioning of their eyes.

Oh and on another festive note – we did a little instore video demonstrating our Christmas “Suprise” gift to one of our regular customers yesterday.  If you would like to know what happens when you open the gift, you can find the video here .





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