Winter essentials at Lush!

I love winter – I love the process of getting through Halloween and the excitement of Christmas. I also love that my birthday is in winter! One thing I do not however love is how the cold leaves my skin feeling dry and looking shrivelled? (is that just me or do other people get that shrivelled look on their hands from the cold?).

Working for Lush I do love to try the products and I have a few that I can see me using a lot through the winter months.

First on my hit list is our Celebrate body lotion. It’s a really rich, thick cream that is perfect for the winter. It doesn’t have a traditional warming winter smell, in place of the usual cinnamon this body lotion offers the uplifting smell of orange, lime and almonds. It honestly is a nice one to lift your mood.




For the face there is the new Rudolf face mask complete with your own little red jelly Rudolf nose – cute huh? This new mask is packed with items to soothe and calm the skin, including cucumber , aloe vera, oatmeal and calamine. It also contains lavender to balance and coconut oil to soften and moisturise.


Rudolph fresh face mask


Although I wasn’t convinced by how it looked and smelt at first – I am also adoring Noriko which is one of our Christmas soaps. Soap is so underrated by people when it really is such an easy way to make your house smell beautiful, you hands feel lovely and well… it lasts much longer than a liquid soap too. The scent is a very mild lavender and the soap itself is very creamy and leaves your hands feeling soft rather than dried out like they feel with some other soaps.


Noriko soap

If you suffer from dry or cracked lips – the Santa lip scrub (cola flavoured) is great too. Although in theory any of the lip scrubs will leave you feeling soft by exfoliating the dry skin – so just go for whatever scrub you like the taste of best 🙂


Santa’s lip scrub

One thing I do wish Lush had is a proper body butter. I love the richness of Celebrate but a really buttery cream would be amazing and if it could smell the same as the creamy candy bubble bar…. well I would be one very happy girl that’s for sure.


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