My current product love – T’eo deodorant

Feel free to follow my store blog where I will be reviewing items and posting about the campaigns we are supporting. Genuinely loving my t’eo deodorant and would love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂

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It is safe to say that the product I am loving the most this week is my T’eo deodorant.


With it being so hot this summer most of us will not only be slapping on the sun screen but also a good deodorant to make sure we stay smelling fresh!  Teo is a perfect product to ensure we stay smelling great all summer long.

The base is dark blue and waxy which makes it easy to hold, while the top is a solid mix of bicarbonate of soda which soaks up sweat and neutralises any smells, teamed with tea tree, lemon and juniper oils which provide anti-bacterial properties.  The essential oils also happen to make it smell pretty great too.  Further still, it contains apricot kernel oil and fresh grapes to keep your skin soothed, cooled and moisturised.

I can say with full honesty that I put this on every…

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