What happens when you forget about SPF?

Today was another family day trip to take the littley out.  As part of the day trip we went to the seaside and spent a few hours on the beach and walking along the seafront.

Now I should say that I was feeling pretty crappy care of hayfever and so I didn’t actually bother to put on any make-up.  The importance of that is that had I put my make-up on this morning, I would have saved my face from getting burnt!

Yes, that’s right, I got burnt.  In fact so did the other half.  We slathered our daughter in sun screen twice during the outing and applied a little to ourselves only once.  I say a little because I put it on my arms, chest and face but totally forgot about my back!  My poor back really is the worst burnt part of me while my face and shoulders are a lighter shade of pink.

With this in mind, I thought I would remind you all to put your SPF on this summer even if your only going out in the sun for a few hours.

As I said above, had I put on my foundation, it does contain an SPF 15 and that would have been enough to protect my face that extra bit to prevent me burning.  Along with foundation, there are many other lovely items you can use to keep yourself protected which include:

  • British Nanny by Lush – Facial moisturiser with SPF 30, cost £25.95
  • Autograph Smooth Matt mousse foundation with SPF 15, cost £9.50
  • Malibu SPF 30 High Protection Lotion, cost £3.99

A few of the Lush moisturisers offer SPF although British Nanny does seem to offer the highest level of protection.  Price wise it is a little on the high side so an alternative could be to mix one of your favourite Lush moisturisers with the Malibu SPF (note this would give you a diluted SPF).

I know I have blogged about the M&S foundations before but I am not sure if I mentioned the mousse foundation?  If not I really should have as I do love mine for it’s ability to match my pale skin tone perfectly!  The fact that is has an SPF 15 is an added bonus.  Price wise I also think it is excellent value for money.

Malibu actually offer a full suncare and aftersun range for fantastic prices and I would highly recommend them for a BUAV approved SPF.  It will protect you from both UVA and UVB and thus you can be assured that although it is a cheap sunscreen, you are not getting  half hearted sun protection for your money.  You can buy it in your local Home Bargain store or online here.

So there we have it, I really have no excuse for getting burnt in the sun when there are so many fantastic cruelty free SPF options out there for us to use!  If you are still to buy your sunscreen for the summer then hop to it 🙂


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