A treat for my feet

Today we out for a family day trip which meant I was walking around a fair bit in sandals.  My feet were a little sore by this evening and so I decided to pamper them a little.


The ingredients for my feet treat

Out came my trusty foot file, heel genius foot cream and (a new one for me) volcano foot mask.  I had never used the foot mask before and so I thought it would be a great time to review it.

The foot mask is very thick and grainy in texture.  It smells a bit like those cinnamon lozenges that I loved as a child and I can imagine it would be great to use at Christmas for the scent alone.

The directions state to put it on quite thickly and to cover in a plastic bag to stop it drying out.  It also says you should scrub it into your dry areas before you wash it off.  The mask stays on for 10 minutes but I guess you can leave it on for longer or less time if required. 


Just to give you an idea of the colour and texture – this was after I used the product, it looked much neater to start with 🙂

After I applied it I would say I had used ¼ of the tub? Perhaps a little less but I can’t imagine you would get more than 5 foot masks from the tub unless you applied a thinner layer.  Taking that into account it would mean each foot rub uses about 25g of product and would work out at £1.15 per scrub.

I left mine on for the 10 minutes but did find it had almost dried out despite putting my feet in a bag as suggested.  I put my feet into some warm water to rub it in to my dry areas and then rinsed off.  My feet did feel nice and soft in comparison to the start and they still smelt of the cinnamon which was great.

They were however still in need of me using my foot file.  After I filed my heels I applied some heel genius and socks to help moisturise my feet and I should be all good to go tomorrow again.  Even now perhaps 30 minutes after the mask my feet still have that “minty” feel – you know that cooling kind of feeling?

So would I buy the foot mask again? I honestly don’t know.  Not because I don’t think it did a good job, it did and it smells great but I’ve just never really thought about putting a foot mask on regularly.  I always associate them with pedicures which I rarely have.  Perhaps my attitude is a sign that I need to make more of an effort with my feet? 

What I will say is that if you happen to enjoy pedicures then 100% this will be right up your street!





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