LGNS London goodies in the post!

I’m sure I am not alone in loving when I get a parcel in the post.  This morning was no exception when the order I placed on Sunday evening arrived from LGNS London! Super speedy delivery saying as it was free and could only have been posted yesterday.

If you read my Sunday evening blog, you will know I was excited to recieve this one.  Ethical perfume isn’t exactly something easy to find on every high street.


Well packaged items all securely wrapped in pretty tissue papers.

Everything was so well wrapped, right down to the card which was scented with Serenity to let me sample it.  It’s a beautiful scent and I will definitely be buying it soon.  I might even go as far as to say I think I like the sample more than the Roses and Diamonds (but both are beautiful scents).


This was in the pretty blue paper and was scented in Serenity (which was beautiful!)

Even upon opening the perfume there was yet more pretty pink paper surrounding the bottle to keep it safe in transit.


This is how the bottle was wrapped inside the box

The perfume itself is lovely, quite sweet and almost a bit of coconut in there behind the rose scent? Regardless, it smells exactly like the family of scents I normally like.  To give you an idea, I love Miss Dior Cherrie and La Vie Est Belle and thinking about it, the bottle is actually quite similar to that of Miss Dior Cherrie.


The lip gloss and Mascara that I was surprised to be getting free are also fantastic.  The lip gloss isn’t sticky when going on (I hate sticky lip gloss!) and looks very natural.  The item looks quite asthetically pleasing too which is nice as who wants to own a cheap looking lip gloss?


Lip gloss opened

The mascara has a nice rubbery mascara wand tip rather than the bristle ones which I tend to find clump after a few months of being used.  They really made a good difference to my lashes.  I would say the effect is better than that of my previous one from Lush but that may be down to me finding it easier to build the layers with the longer wand this mascara offers (the Eyes Right Mascara wand is very short and stubby) or the fact that this one has a rubbery tip while Eyes Right has bristles.


Mascara wand

I would happily give LGNS London 10/10 for their service, both speed and customer service skills with including my sample scent in with my delivery as per my email request.  They may be a small company when compared to the big wigs in the cosmetics industry but they offer quality products that I would not hesitate to recommend.  I am also in love with the fact they are supported by the BUAV and that their products are made in the UK, thus supporting the local ecconomy.


The all important leaping bunny was easy to photograph on the mascara

Check them out for yourself and I guarentee you will not fail to be satisfied.



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