The best back scratch in the world!

Okay, so it might not be what they market this item as but it is what my other half and I have renamed it.

Last week I went to The Body Shop and bought a few items, one of which was their “Spa Fit Massager”.  I thought it would be nice to use to help stimulate circulation in my legs and also for back massage (my favourite!).  The reviews on The Body Shop website are also pretty great and say what a difference it can make to the skin tone.


The Spa FIt Massager aka the back scratcher!


The massager is made of hard yellow plastic on oneside and a rubbery white side has the bumpy bits that are used to massage.  Some of the bumpy bits are rounded but a lot of them are kind of pointy.  We think this is what makes it such a good back scratcher!

It retails for £7 although with the love to shop discount I paid £6.30.  Was it worth the investment? For me yes, my other half has no nails and this has improved his back scratching a million times over and while I do have nails, he seems to think the Spa Fit Massager gives a more “even” scratch.

Our score would be 10/10 for back scratching but perhaps only 6/10 for massage.  I do however plan to use it in the shower a few times to see if it improves the tone of my legs.


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