I have been a little quiet but it’s good news! (New job with Lush)

Sorry I have been a little lacking on the blog front but I had been going through the interview process for a new job and didn’t want to jinx myself posting about it.

So 2 weeks ago I had an interview with Lush for the role of Trainee Manager.  I felt the interview went well but you know how these things go, just because you think it went well doesn’t mean the interviewer agrees or even if they do agree, perhaps somebody else was better.  I did get the call I was waiting for, the one that asked me back for a second interview.

I had my second interview on Wednesday.  It involved a short interview with a more senior manager from the company, a business plan on how I would increase the average customer spend and then an hour and a bit on the floor showing what my customer service skills were like.

I won’t lie, I was pooping myself about the floor work.  Although I love lush and I use their products in my life regularly, I tend to stick to the same items again and again!  Why change what works?  I need not have worried, the team were really lovely and I think the time was more to see how I act with customers rather than if I knew the small print on every product.

As I left I was given a “little bag of goodies” as they put it.  WOW, this bag was not little and I will say there were no less than £80 worth of items in there.  A wide variety of items at that.  At this point although I was still hopeful I decided that even if I did not end up with the job it was okay.  I have other options.  I can go back to college, set up my home salon etc if needs be and so I relaxed and enjoyed my products.

That said, the store manager called me yesterday morning and offered me the job!  Of course I bit her arm off and said I would be accepting the job.

As you all know I have a passion for cruelty free cosmetics and so I honestly think that I will be so perfect Lush and them for me.  I guess you can now look forward to lots of reviews on the products I received in my goodie bag and any others I purchase along the way.


It does mean that my home salon will now be put on hold and I will not be returning to do my level 3 in September.  That is not to say I won’t go back to complete my level 3 and I do still wish to do a body wrap and gel nails course this summer to keep myself learning new skills that I can share my progress of with you.


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