Beauty equipment and Ikea?

I seen a great offer today that Ellisons had on Facebook – they had their “Camilla trolley” reduced from £89.95 to £39.95.  A saving of £50 had me very tempted to order it there and then but then I thought “Hmm I am sure I have read about people using kitchen trolleys from Ikea as a beauty trolley”. 

So my next logical step was to get onto the Ikea website and do you know what?  They have a trolley that looks perfect for my start up needs and it costs a mere £25! Its called the BYGEL Trolley and it has a drawer to hide bits and bobs (I am thinking my tinting stuff and lashes?). 


Trolley on its own

It also has hooks to hang either towels on or they do cute little pots which I actually think would be amazing for cotton wool and brushes.  As we have an Ikea about 40 minutes drive away it means I can also swing by and buy it in person next time I am heading past, thus saving me delivery charges. 


Totally going to buy some cute cups with my trolley as they are only 60p each!


My trolley isn’t the only thing I will be buying from a home store, equally my glass display cabinet is actually one from my old living room set which I bought many moons ago from Argos when we were starting out.  It is much like this one .  Ours was mahogany but I am upcycling it with Annie Sloan Original White chalk paint to give it that perfect shabby chic look that many salons are sporting these days.

So there we have it – I shall be acquiring my beauty trolley for my home treatment room from Ikea rather than a traditional beauty supplier and my display cabinet is from Argos.  If you are looking a furnishings or practical items for your home salon (or heck perhaps you rent a room or own your own salon on the high street) then looking out of the box to find something that meets your needs could end up saving you a substantial amount of money.

If you know of any other out of the box ideas that I might find useful for my home salon then shout! I am already thinking I might start looking for an old spice rack to upcycle for a nail polish wall display!


4 thoughts on “Beauty equipment and Ikea?

  1. I have a dresser, tall cabinet and a small chest of drawers in my office, all from Ikea. I find that its much more cost effective to get what you need at not traditional salon suppliers! Much better pricing too!

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