New shoes and polished toes

Today I got a beautiful pair of new sandals from my boyfriend.

As a given, my toe nails are well painted.  Currently they are coated in No.7 Cheeky Cheeky and No.7 limited edition gold glitter and they look pretty even if I say so myself.

It was only when I took this photo that I realised how glad I was that my toes were painted.  In fact, had they not been painted there would have been no way I would have posted a photo of my feel in those shoes on my Facebook feed.  I actually worried that people would think my polish was chipped as the glitter did not show up well on the photo I took with my Blackberry.


New shoes and polished toes

I am going somewhere with this honest so keep with me.  I actually hate feet and when I was doing pedicures in college I started them wearing gloves.  I just could not bring myself to touch other peoples feet with my bare hands.  After a few weeks I got to a stage where I would use my bare hands but I wasn’t very happy about it.  I really had to work hard at getting myself used to giving pedicures.  Why bother?

Well as above, I will not wear sandals without my toes painted and I think it is fair to say this is standard of many women in the summer months.  Recently I attended my daughters sports day and my nieces sports day (different schools) and I did take note that almost every woman at the events who had sandals on, had polish on their nails.  Further still about 50% of them actually had nail art on their toes.

So my point of today’s ramble (as inspired by my new shoes) is, if like me you hate feet and you are thinking of doing beauty then you need to quickly get over it.  Pedicures are going to become a good income stream for you one day and in reality they are very easy to perform.  With nail art becoming ever more popular pedicures are also a great treatment you can up sell from a basic polish to nail art on some of the toes.

As I said above, I hate feet and so if I can do a pedicure without moaning then I believe anyone can.


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