OPI Gelcolor

In my process of thinking of what brands I wish to use in my home salon I had already looked at OPI but didn’t think I would use it, I thought I would use Nails Inc.  That is until I realised that OPI do something called Gelcolor.

I will start of by saying yes I know OPI sold out to Coty (who do test on animals) BUT from what I have read OPI also signed an agreement with PETA to agree that they as a brand would remain cruelty free.  Their products are also vegan.  In a world where even the likes of The Body Shop are now owned by some of the evils in the beauty world I believe it is up to us as consumers to buy from the cruelty free arms to show the parent companies where their loyalty should lie.  That is with the cruelty free methods of testing their products and ingredients.

So moving on, I didn’t realise OPI even offered a gel polish.  It was by chance I spotted a training advertisement in a Sally’s brochure online and so looked in to it.

What I really loved is that they offer not only a quality gel based product but the colour choices also match with their nail polish range!  I honestly believe this could be an amazing retail opportunity.  Imagine the scenario, client is going on holiday and you are doing their nails in an OPI Gelcolor.  Perhaps they don’t often get their nails done with gel polish but love the colour.  This is your chance, you can retail to them the opportunity to buy the matching nail polish to use at home to remind them of their holiday in the future.  It would work equally well for brides as a reminder of their wedding day.

So today I dutifully call a local Sallys store who advise me they don’t offer the class but to try 2 other branches.  I called the next branch who where actually super (Sallys in Newry) and offered to call around to see who offered the course and said they would call me back.  She was true to her word and called me back within half an hour but sods law is the one store offering the course offered it TODAY and so I had missed it.  What were the chances of that?  She was very kind and said if I could get the minimum number of people they require for the course (3 or 5… she wasn’t sure which it was) that she will do her best to try and get them to book the OPI teaching staff again sooner rather than later.

In my opinion the course is an amazing price.  You do require your manicure qualification as this is only a one day course (5 hours) in the application of the gel and not a day course in how to provide a manicure.  That said, the course cost is £30+ VAT which is by far the best priced gel application training course I have seen.

Some of the beauties of the gel are that each coat cures in only 30 seconds!  It is also said to last up to 3 weeks and from the reviews I have read people seem only to be saying good things about this product.  The range of shades is also pretty amazing – you can see them here. The feed back on the removal process also makes it sound much easier than Shellac and Gelish which can only be another positive to add to the list.

GelColor colour wheel

So here is hoping that I can get on a course for it ASAP to get a chance to buy my starter kit and have a play.  I have even been thinking that gel nails could be my way to start with “testing my business” with the Princes Trust.


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