A great start to the day with nose strips

This morning I decided to put a nose strip on while I was getting ready for the school run.

If you have never used one, they are very simple to use. 

* Wet strip

* Apply to nose

* Leave the strip on for 10 minutes while you potter about the house

* Remove and feel a sense of pride in seeing what you removed from your pores!

There is no satisfaction quite like that moment when you rip off a nose strip to see that it has done a good job! 

I used one I found in my bathroom cupboard by boots but it got me wondering where I can sourse future ones that are animal friendly.  The great news is you can pick up some great animal friendly nose strips in most supermarkets by the Montagne Jeunesse brand called De-Clog Nose Strips.  You will no doubt know this brand perhaps more for their facemasks.


Superdrug also do some own branded nose strips which will do the job fine.  In fact, all of Superdrugs own branded items are BUAV approved so you can buy from them without wondering if any animals have been harmed for your beauty.

Rather looking forward to stocking up on my nose strips now that I have found some brands I am happy to support.  If you use any other brands which are BUAV approved do let me know what you think of them 🙂


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