Business training and Burts Bees lip balm

This week I have been attending The Princes Trust Enterprise Scheme.  I have to say, it was day 2 today and I am really enjoying it.  It is a good mix of people doing the course along with me and everyone has a different idea of what they want to do.

I may already have a management degree and my a-levels are in business studies and retail but the course is acting as a great refresher and helping me learn how to put all the principles into practice for my business.  It might sound wrong but I am actually excited to start my business plan.

I was really surprised (and pleased) to learn that we can gain a level 1 qualification in enterprise just by completing our course book during the week and if we would like to work towards a level 2 (which I believe is GCSE equivalent) we can continue to do so after the course.  I do love a chance for new qualifications!

Each day we have different people come in to talk to us about their business success and a topic that we are covering that day.  So far the people we have spoken to have been really inspiring and have gone above and beyond their duty of being helpful.

Honestly, I have said it before and I will say it again but if you are looking to set up your business and are under the age of 30 then get in touch with The Princes Trust, they really will offer you a world of help.

On another note I had one of those “Arghhh” moments yesterday.  About 2 weeks about I bought a new Burt’s Bees lip balm in pomegranate.  It smells lovely and it’s really nice to use, I bought it because when I glanced at it I could see it had a BUAV logo and (what I thought was!) a vegetarian leaf.  Imagine my shock when yesterday I seen a blog on the Beauty Brains website stating that it contained carmine (an alternate name for cochineal which is crushed insects – used to create a red dye).

Now I emailed Burt’s Bees to tell them about the fact that this leaf looks very like a vegetarian logo and I was very upset to discover that the lip balm is in fact not vegetarian.  I can not read the writing around the leaf on the item, nor did they advise me what it was for when they responded to my email but they did respond.  In fact they responded the same day they received my email which is pretty speedy IMO.  They apologised and have said they will pass my comments onto the relevant department.  They have also kindly offered to refund the cost of my lip balm so I can purchase another.

I am still very saddened that I made this mistake by assuming the leaf was a vegetarian one.  I find it rather insane that a company who uses only natural ingredients felt the need to colour their products pink with such a product.  They really have no need as their products are good, pink or their natural yellowy colour.  I do however appreciate that they have done their best to rectify my problem. 

I just wanted to share the story with you to show the importance of reading the ingredients list on your beauty products.  It really is amazing what companies will put in the products we use knowing that most people won’t read the label.


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