So that’s it, my place in level 3

So that’s it, my place in level 3 is now confirmed.  My interview was supposed to be yesterday but silly me thought it was next Wednesday!  They kindly took me in today for interview anyway.

Off I toddled and brought my passport and my qualification reports for GCSE’s, A-levels, Degree etc as although the college have these things… apparently they wanted me to bring them in again.  They also wanted my most recent “school report” which again they had… as they wrote it.  Sadly I didn’t keep mine when they sent it in January or so, why would I?  It was telling me about, well me and I already know how often I go to college and what my standards where.  It wasn’t like it was sent to let my mum know.  Anyways, I digress.  I went in for the interview and was asked for my paperwork, I hand it over and explained I never kept my report as nobody told me at the time I would need it.  I was promptly told “you will be marked down for this in your interview, lack of attention to the entry requirements”.  I didn’t know if I should just laugh at her or try and look like I had been chastised.

My attendance was 96%, my grades where high and so I am pleased to say I was offered an on the spot confirmation of my place on the level 3 course.  Amazing, I made it despite my inability to keep such important documents ha!

Yesterday I also had my introductory session with the Princes Trust.  I have also been accepted onto their Enterprise scheme to help me refresh on all the skills I need to set up a business as well as help to sort out my business plan.  Better still if all goes well then I can apply for their loan to help me with the home salon.

It’s nice to feel like things are progressing but I am still frightfully fed up of the lack of stuff to do while I’m at home so hopefully this course next week will keep me out of mischief.

I also enquired about when I will get my certificate for my level 2 as I want to sign up to do a gel polish and a body wrap course during the summer.  It seems we won’t get them until mid July.  The tutor did however kindly offer to write a letter on headed paper for me to use as proof of qualification if the companies will accept that.  My mission for the next week (along side attending the Enterprise programme) is to find out if the training locations will accept a letter as proof of qualification.  Fingers crossed.


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