We won the auction :)


Excuse the bits sitting about – it was OH’s birthday the day we picked up the couch hence the party decorations and fizzy drinks!

This is the couch that we managed to win at auction.  Having only ever bid on an ebay auction in the past I didn’t realise that we also had to pay the auction fees (I assumed the seller would) so it cost us £51 in total.  Still not a bad price but I was a little sad that one end had a small cut in the fabric which wasn’t there at the viewing and so it has happened either during or after the auction.

Little Miss loves it, she wanted to sit on it and play her DS and as it gave me an excuse to put it up and photograph it I figured she might as well have a play with it too.

With regards to big items such as furniture, I see no reason why not to buy second hand and save ourselves a bit of money.  I plan on trying to find a few other pieces on gumtree if possible to continue building towards that home salon without paying an arm and a leg for everything.


3 thoughts on “We won the auction :)

  1. Congratulations on the auction. My brother goes to auctions quite a bit for his business and I have gone to a few with him. Lots of fun and a great way to get business items at a discounted price. Have a great day.

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