So what’s it like to study with a baby/child?

I got asked a variation of this question yesterday and so I thought I would answer it here.

While when I started my beauty therapy course I had a 5 year old daughter, I did actually fall pregnant with her when I was in university. After a year out I went back to complete my degree when my daughter was 9 months old.

Depending on the age of your child and circumstances will affect the method of study you will be best choosing but I am a believer that if you want something bad enough then you can make it happen.  That said, living the dream doesn’t mean that you won’t have to make some sacrifices.  For me, I decided to go down the route of full time study both for my degree and my NVQ.

I am very lucky that I had a fantastic support base and so when in uni and indeed now while I am in college, I know that I am not short for help with looking after her or picking her up from school.  Better still, now she is in school, they offer a breakfast club which for me means I could leave her to school at 8:15 on the 2 mornings I started at 9am ensuring we both got to class on time.

It was very different when she was younger though.  Even at 9 months old, I still wished I could have stayed at home with her.  I also chose to breastfeed and if I had gone back to study before she was on solids then it would have made this a whole lot harder.  It’s amazing how easy it is to not realise how much your boobies will actually ache if you miss a feed or two in a day.  Worse still, they can start to leak without you realising! (TMI I know, I’m sorry).  While a 16 hour a week course doesn’t seem that long right now, when you are leaving a baby it can seem like a long time.  A time when you can be missing first steps, first words and even those funny stories that you just wish you had been there to witness.

Money is another aspect to think about.  For me money is tight.  I work part time and although I qualified for some financial help from the college by way of a grant it in no way replaces a fulltime wage.

Is it worth it though? For me, yes.  I find it important to ready myself for a new career that will make me self sufficient.  I want to know that regardless of where I decide to move in the future that I will be able to create my own work.  Money may feel tight for the now but I hope to prevent that happening again for the long run.  I also want to make my daughter proud and indeed she is.  She loved when I graduated from university, she made me a card, came to my graduation and clapped and cheered (all 3 year olds love a reason to get excited).  She loves that mummy is going to be a beauty therapist and can’t wait until I have my home salon.

So if you have a family and want to be a beauty therapist, I say go for it.  There is nothing to stop you doing it providing you have arranged a good support network around you, be that family or childcare. 

As a mum you have already done the toughest job in the world, have confidence in yourself, study hard, listen to what your tutors are saying and you will sail through your course!  Good luck x


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