I have been trying really hard to kill the free time I now have until September.  Man it is hard!

So I took into my daughters room and rather than making a person look beautiful, I made her furniture look beautiful.


I really enjoyed the process of doing up the furniture and making it look special.  I used paints from the Annie Sloan collection and they made the job so easy.  In fact so easy that I decided to start on our coffee table last night too.

To save the other half from pulling out what little hair he has left, I went to an auction tonight to try and find some bits of furniture I could buy to paint up and sell on.  There were a few bits there but what really caught my eye was a bright pink therapy couch!  Yes a little village auction with a therapy couch in the auction, so I have left my first ever proxibid in the hope I can win the item for a great price. 

I am not sure pink would have been my colour of choice had I been buying brand new but if I can get a bargain it will save me money to put towards other bits for my home salon.

I also had my letter from The Prices Trust this week to confirm my place on their Enterprise course in 2 weeks time.  Really excited as this is the course I am hoping will help me secure funding to set up a perfect home salon.

I have been a bad blogger and slacking a little due to being busy doing things that aren’t specifically beauty related.  I am going to try and make it my mission to come up with a few blog topics tomorrow and I can then work on them next week.  Feel free to give me inspiration on topics you would like me to write on as I am happy to do a bit of research to keep my mind ticking over and knowledge expanding 🙂


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