I think I forgot to mention…

…that I am actually done now and have completed my level 2!  A nice 6 weeks early so an extended summer break for me to spend with the littley.

I was a little gutted that I actually only got a merit for my waxing (1 point off the distinction) because I did not take note of “hair type” nor tell my clients what exfoliater and moisturiser to use and how to use them?  The reason I am gutted is because I am nothing but thorough in my consultations and aftercare and I genuinely was NEVER told we needed to do this. 

I told my clients to exfoliate and moisturise regularly (twice a week preferable) so as to keep the skin soft and to prevent ingrown hairs.  I also told them not to exfoliate or moisturise for at least 24 hours after the treatment to avoid skin irritation.  Had I known I needed to say “when you exfoliate please use XYZ product, apply it in a scrubbing motion and use it in the bath or shower to rinse off” etc then I would have.

In fact, when I mentioned to other girls in the class that I had got a merit and this was why they all looked slightly confused and said agreed that they never knew this was something we had to say.

Still I guess I shouldn’t complain.  I have done better than most, distinctions in everything with waxing being the only exception.

The next stage is waiting for a letter to tell me I have been invited back for an interview to apply for my level 3.  This is likely not to be until July or August as I think they wait until they have actually sent us our certificates for the level 2.

In the mean time I am still looking for some beauty related job that has more hours than my current job in order to help me fund more bits for my home salon – yippee!


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