Do I smell?

It has been a long time from I have let a student touch my hair but on Tuesday I went to the student hair salon to let one of them practice doing curls on my hair as I had very little to do.

I toddled on over with another girl from my class and we sit down with our hair students.

Let’s ignore the fact it took my student 30 minutes to actually do ANYTHING because that honestly is just a drop in the ocean of how weird this sitting was.

She managed to ask me 4 times if she was going bright red and once if I thought she smelt!?  While she washed my hair I was told how she was probably going to do a terrible job and how she would no doubt fail this attempt at curling my hair as she was rubbish at it.  Nothing like a defeatist attitude but if that fails you can always tell the client how your tutor is a bitch?

The self deprecating attitude continued as she put my rollers in, I was almost glad when she put the blower on my hair to drown our her moaning.  As she neglected to give me any magazines to flick through I lifted my trusty blackberry to text my friend to see how long we would be under the dryers, thankfully she knew the answer was 35 minutes.  During this time little miss “do I smell” decided to spray about half a can of deodorant.  I nearly choked to death as it wasn’t like I could go anywhere else.

At the end of my 35 minutes the student came back to check my hair and informed me it wasn’t dry enough yet and she would put it on for 10 more minutes.  She also told me “sit with your head up properly and don’t touch your phone”.  Erm so did she just expect me to look at myself in the mirror for a grand total of 45minutes?  Needless to say I kept my phone out to stop myself falling asleep.

As she checked my hair for a 2nd time she asked me if I thought it was dry… I did… but she still wasn’t sure so she sniffed it?! At that point the tutor did actually tell her off which I was thankful for.  She continued pulling out each roller asking “does this hurt?”, “does this hurt?”, “does this hurt?” over and over.  She almost took delight when she told me that she apparently rough with peoples hair.

I was never so glad when my hair was done and I could leave.

So my advice for any aspiring hair dressers

1 – Be ready for your client, do not leave them waiting while you dither.

2 – Do not ask your client inappropriate questions such as asking if you are turning red or if you smell! Or bad mouth other people from the salon.

3 – Do not give your client doubts about your ability before you have even started.  Telling them you are rubbish would in the real world lead to people walking out.

4 – Let your client know how long elements of the treatment are going to take and hey… if it’s a long wait give them a magazine to keep them amused.

5 – Don’t be rude and demanding to your client!

If it hadn’t been for the fact I went back to the salon today in order to trade another girl a service I think I would have given up all hope of ever using the student salon again.  Alas I needed a girl to let me do her bikini wax as one of my final exams and in exchange she needed somebody for some kind of conditioning/shine treatment? I kind of zoned out what it was if I am honest, I just knew I needed her to let me wax her and would have let her do pretty much anything within reason to my hair.  She did a great job though!  My hair looks shiny and feels soft and she restored my faith that some students will do a great job even though there are a few that leave you baffled at how they make it through the day without doing themselves damage.


2 thoughts on “Do I smell?

    • Sadly I think the students have to work in a salon as part of the course so no doubt she has spoken to realclients like this too. I did have her in for an exchange treatment a few days after and she commented on her smell again and I point blank asked her “Do you have issues with thinking you smell?” and she said yes didn’t I? I pointed out that no, I know I shower and put on my deo and perfume on daily and I am happy that I smell well and if she knows she is keeping clean and fresh she should be confident too. Hopefully by pointing out to her it isn’t normal to keep asking people these questions she will ponder on it and it might help her change her attitude 🙂

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