Best smelling hand cream ever!

Until this weekend I always thought that Soap and Glory “Hand food” was the best smelling hand cream ever.  Now I know better.

I had a voucher for a free L’Occitane hand cream and after a bit of research to find out if it was truly animal friendly I decided to get it.   You may know that L’Occitane lost their leaping bunny when they decided to sell in China however the company insists that despite selling in China that they still have not tested any of their products or ingredients on any animals.  Nor have they bought from companies who conduct testing on animals.  Further still they are petitioning Chinese representatives to look into alternative methods of product testing.   You can read the whole statement on their stance on animal testing here.

As there is no L’Occitane store near me my sister kindly picked me up the Cherry Blossom one from her local store in London and brought it home for me.  Wow!  I haven’t sniffed my hands so much in my whole life.


30ml Travel size option

Not only does it smell fantastic but it only takes a small dot to cover the whole hand and it does make my hands feel lovely and soft.  Granted it costs more than Hand Food which is only £5 for 125ml while my free travel size hand cream would have cost me £8 for 30ml or £14 for 75ml to purchase from a L’Occitane store.  I do however feel that they would work out a similar cost per use as I would normally use more Hand Food than I have needed to use of this.

I honestly wish I could just hold my hand out to you and say “Here, feel how soft they are after 2 days and 4 applications of this amazing stuff” but alas you will have to take my word on it or go into store and try it for yourself.

As I said, this was a free one thus now I am asking myself “Should I buy it again?” and yes, I really should.  The hands are the one part of our body that gives away our age when we get further up through the numbers.  Mainly because they are almost always exposed to the elements and we take much less care of them than our faces.  I really do not want to wake up some day when I am 50 and look at my hands and think “I wish I had taken better care of them”.  So I urge you, even if you do not opt to try this hand cream, do take good care of your hands so you don’t suffer the repercussions for taking them for granted.



4 thoughts on “Best smelling hand cream ever!

  1. Good Morning,

    I love your passion with regards to pure,safe and beneficial products that are cruelty free. I would love to chat with you about products that I passionately believe in. The products are chemical free, botanical based, vegan-certified (and kosher) and cruelty free. They are identified by the leaping bunny organization, PETA and Vegan Awareness Foundation. I invite to my blog
    My contact information is I would love to meet with you either in person, facetime or skype. We can also chat by email and phone.
    Tracey : )

    • Thanks for your feedback and I am glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Having had a look at your website I can see it is Arbonne that you are talking about and I agree their ethics are amazing but sadly not something I wish to sell due to it not being a salon professional range. Good luck x

      • Thank you for replying. For my own educational purposes, can you tell me what is considered a salon professional range of products? And what those products need to have to qualify as such?
        If you ever want to have some samples sent to you to try for your personal use, I would be most happy to do so. Cheers, Tracey

      • Of course, for me a salon professional range is one which is normally only available for use in salons. It would also be one which I would order from a wholesaler with an excellent mark-up for my retail sales. They will also provide larger salon size products to reduce the frequency of orders for the likes of moisturisers,massage creams etc. Also to buy the salon sizes and get the better rate you would also require proof of qualifications rather than the company letting anyone sign up to purchase. Hope that helps:)

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