The importance of brows

Tonight I have been reading a lot of questions and articles on brows.

A big one was “Is it worth me training with a well known brow brand when I already know how to shape brows?” and “Why do people spend so much on getting their eyebrows done with well known brow brands?”

Well the eyebrows are a key part of how we look.  They frame the face and give our eye area more definition.  The easiest way to show the importance of the brow to a client is to show you a before and after shot of eyebrows that have been shaped.


Photo care of Sarah22 on the Salon Geek forum

Brow before and after 3


As you can see the before and after look different and it would be most peoples opinion that the after shot looks more aesthetically pleasing.  Some people will have a more drastic difference in the before and after but I feel that these show good pictorial evidence of how the average persons brow can change.  Now, knowing how important our brows are to the face, it is easier to explain why people pay quite a bit to keep them looking good.

In days gone by, it used to be that people would be happy paying for a brow wax to tidy them up and that was that.  Now people will pay 3 or 4 times the amount to get a HD brow or a WOW brow etc.

“But why would I want to pay £1000ish to learn how to do HD brows or WOW brows when I already know how to do an eyebrow reshape?”  Well the answer is simple.  Not all customers understand brows the way a therapist does.  What they want is to keep their brows looking good and if that means paying more for an eyebrow brand they perceive to be the best service out there to keep their brows looking good then so be it.

When you pay for training with a well known company it is not just the training you receive, you are also buying into the brand, its image and the marketing that they carry out.  This means that you can advertise your ability to offer for example HD brows to your client.  As the client is aware of the brand and trusts the brand to be of a high quality they will be happy to pay more for the service.  It is also possible that the client will not even realise a brow reshape in a salon not linked to a known brand could achieve exactly the same results.

So should we all be going out and paying to train with a well known brow company?  Well that is up to you, do you feel your clients would buy into the brand and perceive it to be of better quality than your current advertised service?  Do you think that you could make more money by using the brands name?  If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is quite possible that taking the training could be a smart business move.

Also remember that many of these brands have add ons that you can sell to increase your profits further still.  Brow boxes and brow pencils are a popular make-up bag must at the moment and could be a great retail item for the right salons.  I know that I have faith in the Jane Iredale “Bitty Brow Kit” which I will be purchasing to retail along with my salon make-up range and I believe it will be an easy sell for my home salon once it is set up.  When you show a client how great their brows can look with these products, let’s be honest, it is hard for them to say no to buying it when they want to look their best all the time.

So there we have it, that is why people are happy to pay a little more for well known brow brands!


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