A helping hand with the business side of things:

Although I have a management degree and I am fairly confident with my business skills, I never say no to free help.  I believe there is never a time in life when we should stop learning.

With that spirit in mind I have spent the last few days looking for any courses or outlets which can offer me help with setting up my business


On the suggestion of a good friend of mine I contacted The Princes Trust.  I had thought you needed to be under 24 to receive help and advice from them but she advised me I was wrong as at the age of 29 she recieved help from them last year.  The Princes Trust will actually help people up to the age of 30 who are looking to set up their own business.  Last night I put through a web request for email last night and they called me today!  Talk about a quick service.

The guy seemed a little scatty on the phone but he was super helpful.  He checked the essential questions:

  • If I would be working under 16 hours a week
  • If I was in full-time education
  • If I was already registered as self employed


Uh oh, this was a sticking point because I AM in full time education!

This was when he was very clever.  I would have taken the hit and felt defeated but he asked when my level 2 would be complete and that I would be able to take part in their 4 day enterprise course in June as I will have completed my level 2 course.  This was also when he advised me that it is imperative that I am not self employed at the time of the course.  So glad he told me this as you may know I was planning on signing up as self employed come the new tax year.

From what my friend has advised me, this 4 day course will be informative but it is really a tool for them to see if you will be suitable to go onto the next stage and to apply for a start-up business loan and be paired with a business mentor.  Moving onto the next stage does not guarantee you will get a business loan as each business plan will be assessed on its own merits but I am very hopeful that I should be able to get one.

This loan would mean a lot to me in business terms.  As it stands I can scrape together a bit of capital for my basic kit but this loan would mean I could get the full kit I would like and pump a bit of money into stock and marketing to get my business name out to the people I want to reach.  A perfect example is that I would love to attend a few wedding fares but these are costly as not only will I need a professional set up to use there but also the fees to attend.

I can’t say waiting until June to start my business fills me with joy as I am so eager to get started now!  But fingers crossed that by sitting on my hands for a few months and being patient I will be better of in the long run!  I am really looking forward to having somebody to help me with my business plan.  I always find it helpful to be able to talk out my ideas rather than keeping them to myself (no doubt the reason I am enjoying having this blog!).

If you too are looking for some help and advice on starting a business (beauty or otherwise) and you are under 30, working less than 16 hours a week and not registered as self employed, then contact the prices trust so they can put you in touch with your local branch – Good luck!


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