International Happiness Day – what made me happy :)

Today is International Happiness Day and so I figure I should blog about what made me happy today.

To start with we woke up to snow!  Yes, it may almost be Easter but we had a good thick layer of the fluffy white stuff and that makes me very happy.  I love snow!

At 10am I also had my Jane Iredale visit from the sales rep.  It was great to see the full range as there are so many items we did not see in college. Jane-Iredale-logo


One of my favourite items was the eye gloss, I tried it on the back of my hand in “aqua”.  This colour has some serious staying power!  After the rep had left I went to wash my hands and the shadow would not budge!  It took a good oily eye make-up remover to take it off.  That is exactly what I want in eye make-up!  I mean who wants their shadow to fade or fall during the day?

I also loved the absence oil control primer.  It goes onto the skin so easily and does not feel heavy or even noticeable on the skin at all.  And don’t get me started on the BB cream!  I mean it is one seriously heavy duty BB cream.  When I think of a BB cream I generally feel like they are little more than a tinted moisturiser but this one has full coverage that could easily be compared to Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation but without the heaviness.  While their Active Light Under Eye Corrector shares similarities with the infamous Touche Éclat.

Now the rep could have gone down the “buy the mobile kit” with me as it was what I was after in my head but she took into consideration that I wont really need the brushes as I already have my own which I love.  On that basis she suggested I work out all the individual bits that I would like to order as it would give me better value for money and more control over what I want to keep in stock.

From using the brand before I know I love the quality and I know that there are a few key items that would be “easy sells” in my eyes.  The “easy sells” for me include:

  • Active Light Under Eye Corrector
  • Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream
  • Bitty Brow Kit
  • Magic Mitt
  • Eye Shadow Kits

When I say an easy sell what I mean is that these are items I believe most people will actually already want even if they are not aware of it before we tell them.  I mean how popular is Touche Éclat? And if you already use it, wouldn’t you love a similarly high quality item that was 100% mineral and untested on animals?  While the Bitty Brow Kit is also in my eyes almost an essential today when the UK has gone brow mad.

I honestly feel that this brand is not only one that I will enjoy using in a professional manor but one that I will be able to have passion in.  The concept of the brand and it’s ethos will also sit well with my plan to use Eve Taylor as my skincare range.  So that leaves me with nothing more to say than thank you Jane Iredale for making me happy today, the papers are signed and I am currently deep in thought over what I wish to order but you will be my make-up of choice for my home salon!



2 thoughts on “International Happiness Day – what made me happy :)

  1. I also love the Iredale gloss and this is a great read, well done! I’m away to read your blog from the start now lol

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