Quirky marketing methods

I have always had a love for slightly out of the box marketing methods.  My background was working in Sales and Events and I always enjoyed my jobs.

As yet I have not given too much thought to how I will market my home salon as I figure it will be easy enough for me to do closer to the time.  However I did see a thread on a professional beauty forum about check in’s on Facebook (the business using this marketing method is also a home salon).

I have always known that for the hospitality industry Facebook is a powerful marketing tool.  If you are low on bookings it is very easy to use social networking to get some more bums in the restaurant or a larger guest list for the club.  And I won’t lie, I have seen a similar offer to the one I am about to show you, but only for restaurants and it never occurred to me to use it for a beauty salon.


The concept really is very simple.  Your client check’s in and it then goes onto their profile and thus into the feed of their friends.  A very easy way to market yourself, especially now that Facebook is clamping down and limiting the amount of advertising you get for free.

Although TIPTOPTIPS offer £5 off, you could no doubt do the same offer with £1/£2 off or a % off the bill if the majority of your treatments are lower costing ones.  In a time when the recession means money is tight for everyone, it is sure to be a winner with your clients trying to be savvy with their spending.

“But why would I want to pay my client to check in on Facebook? I don’t want to give money away!”  Well it is like this, your client will no doubt be from the local area and will have friends in the local area.  Your £1 or % discount will be directly targeting people on Facebook who could viably become your new clients.  Not only are they seeing the name of your company but it is coming from their friend, somebody who they presumably trust the opinion of.  Thinking of it like that, can you think of a cheaper way to target 50/100/500+ of your clients friends for only a £1 discount? I can’t either.

So without further ado, I thank you TIPTOPTIPS for bringing to attention this great idea that I believe we should all be embracing in our businesses.  It is most definitely on my marketing “to do list” for my home salon.

Please also note that the design work on this poster was done by VervePrint


6 thoughts on “Quirky marketing methods

  1. I love using Facebook for discounted services if you “Check In”! I also have a special posted on FourSquare that if any new client checks in, they get 20% off any regular priced massage or facial that is an hour or longer! Works great. My business would NOT be what it is without social networking!

  2. I love your blog! I have just found it through The Verve’s FB page. Like you, I’m 27, mum on one retrained in makeup and beauty. I am now a follower 🙂 *waves hello* – @karen b makeup on FB xx

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