Something new and exciting is in sight!

I said at the start of this that my reason for retraining was to make myself self employable.  When we moved home it was so hard to get a job doing what I really wanted to do that I decided I would train in beauty.  The idea being that I could team a beauty qualification with my management degree and never leave myself in a position where I could not just find myself work to be getting on with.

Now that I am getting close to the end of level 2 I am itching make some money from what I already know.  Sadly as I want to do level 3 it will be impossible to seek fulltime work in the real world just yet and let’s be honest, nearly all salons and spas want somebody trained to level 3 standard anyway.  So that leaves me with an exciting new prospect.  A home salon.


I am lucky in that we have a spare bedroom downstairs which is currently used as an office.  I am even luckier in the fact that the man in my life is willing to give up his office space for me to use the room as a home salon!

My mother’s day gift this year was actually my first bit of salon equipment.  A wax pot and accessories.  A small drop in the ocean of what I need for a home salon but as it is what I need to practise at the moment to get my last module complete it made sense and spurred me on with the idea of a home salon.  I am hoping by the time I hit summer I will have most of what I need equipment wise sorted.

The frustrating bit is waiting for my certificate.  Without my certificate there are some things I just can’t do/buy as I need it for some wholesalers and suppliers.  So I am trying to focus on the bits I can sort out for now.

This week I have started researching local salons, what they charge and what services they offer.  I have had the joy of creating a pretty spreadsheet so I can keep track of the figures and start to think about what I want to charge.

Of course there is much more to setting up a home salon than simply getting the equipment and products together.  I have already got a separate bank account I can use for funds to be stored and come the new tax year in April I will do the needful and register as self employed in advance of starting to work from home.

Once I start to get more active in my planning I will create a page at the top that I can edit regularly tracking the process and expense of opening a home salon.  Hopefully it will help others see how much thought they really need to put into a home salon and provide them with some encouragement that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

My mood of the moment can most definitely be described as excited and hopeful!


3 thoughts on “Something new and exciting is in sight!

  1. Best of luck, wish this blog had existed when I trained! Fabulous idea.

    I have a home salon after re training in my 30s – originally I was in marketing!

    During my 2nd year in college I worked in a salon starting on reception and gradually doing treatments and I did learn so much from the other therapists but always knew I wanted to work for myself.

    I opened initially in a hair salon and circumstances forced me to very quickly set up from home, my clients asked me to keep the salon at home as they found it more relaxing and personal. I’ve never looked back.

    It’s the best thing I’ve ever done career wise. If you would like any advice feel free to contact me more than happy to help.

    My website contains my details

    • Thanks 🙂 I wish this blog had existed when I was thinking of retraining too! I googled and found none so decided once I started the course I would change that! Checked out your blog – it looks great! Looking forward to following your journey into reflexology 🙂

      • An inspirational idea indeed. Glad you like the blog, I often do posts on Eve Taylor products could be useful to you if decide to use the range in your home salon.

        You’ll love reflexology, that’s one of the things I adore about our industry there is so much exciting stuff to learn on an ongoing basis x

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