Eve Taylor Professional: Level 2 skin care class

OK, I’m going to try and back track to Thursday.  Thursday morning I was excited to head in to class as we were penned in for our Eve Taylor training.


We had the lovely Matt Taylor (no relation to Eve … don’t make the mistake I did thinking he was due to reading that she has a grandson called Mathew!) as our trainer.  If you are a fellow Geek you will no doubt have a brief idea of who he is and it was nice to put an actual face and voice to the name.

The class started with a handout which goes through all the individual products which we are expected to use in our level 2 facials.  It was a great source for a deeper understanding of the products that we have been using with only a basic knowledge.

I hadn’t realised just how many ingredients Eve avoids in her products including Lanolin, Mineral Oil (aka petroleum) artificial fragrances or colours and Alcohol.  I did also inwardly chuckle when he pointed out some “other” department store brand uses so much junk in their toner than it can actually be used to remove nail polish and glue marks.  Working for a store that sells this brand, I can easily tell you that brand was Clinique and having used their toner in the past as part of their 3 step solution I can also say it left my skin feeling tingly and tight due to how much it dried it out.  A mean feat saying I know how oily my own face can be.

It was also really nice to learn that Eve still mixes her pre blended aromatherapy oils by hand.  I mean how many other companies can claim that? That the oil you buy is mixed by the very same person who set up the brand.  Amazing.

Some the things we learned that corrected our personal use of the products included that the Eve Taylor toners do no require any blotting as they are moisturising and will aid the spread of moisturiser application.  The toners can also be used through the day to help keep the skin hydrated and to help keep make-up in place.

Now as all of the ranges moisturisers are SPF free, they do sell a product called Solar Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 25.   This will protect against UVA and UVB rays and can be mixed with moisturiser if required; the mixing process will however reduce the SPF to 19.

Another fact as to why SPF is so important and alcohol so bad to have in products was when Matt pointed out how often you see people with more signs of aging on their décolleté.  He then asked us to think of where we spray our perfume and key ingredients in perfume which of course would include alcohol.  The alcohol strips away much of the skins natural barrier.  So there we have it ladies, no more spraying perfume on your neck!

During the talk Matt passed around some of his favourite products for us to try and informed us of alternate uses for them.  For example the lip balm can also be used on cuticles and on any redness around the nose that we often get when we have a cold.  His favourite product seemed to be C+Bright which helps with age spots and hyper pigmentation.  It can also help to keep the skin fresh and can be used as a primer or make-up base.

A product we did not have access to in college was the Age Resist Active Complex which is an exfoliator containing AHAs.  I was almost sad to learn about this product because I WISH we had been using it in our facials.  It really is more my cup of tea than the exfoliating scrub.  Needless to say when it came to the demonstration, the difference in the before and after when this product was used was very noticeable.  The models skin looked so much brighter and healthier.  It will be one of the products I will be buying to use on myself using the wonderful 20% discount which Eve Taylor offers to students (I can not recall if this is all students or if it is based on college use of the products but worth enquiring if you are interested).

With the masques, we learned how the Purifying masque can actually be used as an overnight treatment.  You would however need to protect your pillow as the product does have an orange colour to it which will deepen through the night.  Don’t panic, he assured us it does wash off.

Overall I can say that he really is a great salesman and has sold most of the class on the benefits on Eve Taylor.  A fantastic feat when not all of them would have researched into the brand themselves.  Should any of them open a salon in the future, I would imagine many of them would be contacting the company to use them as their facial brand.

But much more important than his sales ability was his great knowledge and passion for the products.  It was fantastic to find out the little hits and tips that you won’t read on the packet and that they don’t teach us in college.  If you use the products or are interested in them and get the chance to attend a skin care class with an Eve Taylor trainer than I urge you to go.  You will walk out of the session with a greater awareness and understanding of the products leaving you with a new confidence in your competency of product knowledge.


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