It’s been a great day for learning;

Today was placement day.  The day had a few people booked in but also a big empty slot.  To fill this slot the salon owner asked me “have you done underarm waxes yet?” well no, actually I haven’t said I, only half legs.  “Oh well, do you want to give it a go?” Sure, but you’re gonna have to talk me through it to make sure I do it right.

So that was the start of my day of learning.  Off we went and we waxed her armpits (with a little interruption from a walk in who needed a brow wax) followed by what was supposed to be a half leg wax.  However as the half leg wax didn’t hurt as much as she expected (she’s a little more sensitive from being pregnant at the moment) it turned into a whole leg wax with a bikini wax included!

If nothing else it has shown me that I have no need to worry about learning them in class.  They are fairly logical in many ways.  During my learning curve I noticed that I do tend to get a lot of bits of wax stuck to my hand at points during the treatment and on the handle of my spatula.  As to how or why this happens, well it is probably a mixture of a few reasons and I need to knock them on the head if we are honest!

We did time my 2nd leg and the 2nd half of the bikini wax.  A total of 40 minutes, which although longer than it really should take I have room to work on it.  Well a lot of room to work on it, I guess I should probably be taking around that amount of time to do both legs?  Woops!

Tomorrow I will actually have to ask for a list of timings I should be aiming for with my waxing.  I know some people can speed wax and yes in time I would love to be able to wax that quickly, in fact I am sure at some point I will want to take a class from the waxing queen herself Kim Lawless.  But for now I will settle for being happy getting my times down to what is required for my exams.


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