The refreshing feeling of eyeSlices

You may remember seeing these in my lovely delivery of Swissdermyl samples.


I was curious as to what they actually were as I have never seen them before.  My assumption was they where just soothing eye pads.  A replacement for the old teabag or cucumbers on the eye solution we have all tried (they do look a little like cucumbers too don’t you think?).  Little did I realise they were so much more.

After doing the school run and cleaning the house up I felt a little pooped figured I deserved a 5 minute “me time” slot.  Today that slot was filled by trying out the eyeSlices.


Me trying out the eyeSlices for myself

When I opened the packet they pads were quite damp so I wiped a little of the excess fluid back into the packaging before I popped them on and lay down.  The product stays put really well and did not slide off my face at any point despite me actually wiggling my face a little to see if they might slide off!  They felt really soothing and very cooling on the skin, you honestly would think they had come out of the fridge.  The great news is they feel this lovely without needing to be stored in the fridge.  The product is a real treat for anyone looking assistance with resting and soothing their eye area.

Upon reading some of the literature I was pleased to find that they do several different types of eyeSlices, the ones I tried today look to be “Bright Eyes”.

The product has a lot of benefits, some of those listed online are:

  • eyeSlices has instant cooling sensation without a fridge!
  • eyeSlices thermo-gymnastics effect on the skin stimulating circulation.
  • eyeSlices are re-usable up to 10 times.
  • eyeSlices have a natural & non-toxic manufacturing process.
  • eyeSlices offer a soothing sensation & comfort of use.

I plan on putting my eyeSlices through the full 10 times usage as I really did enjoy using them.  To do this all I need to do is store my eyeSlices back in the resealable packet they arrived in.  My fellow tree huggers will love knowing that not only is the product free of nasties but it is also not tested on animals.  I will without a doubt be buying more of these sooner rather than later as I can imagine they will be lovely to use in the summer on those days when my eyes suffer greatly due to hayfever.

So the big question for me when trying these out was, when I open my home salon do I want to stock these?  The answer is a bit of a no brainer, yes I certainly will, I can imagine they would be fantastic to use during a facial and I will have no qualms recommending them to customers who suffer from tired or puffy eyes.  A salon treat that people can buy to use at home, who wouldn’t love that?


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