Why not to wax when you haven’t learned how to

Yesterday started with more leg waxing practice.  As I said in the last blog, I don’t find it rocket science and I am fairly confident in my ability after being shown how to do it, it’s just the speed I need to gain.  But would I wax your bikini line or armpit without being trained how to?  Not on your nelly!


Photo taken from http://www.wax-strips.com


Today’s blog is a simple message of not waxing when you have not been trained how to.  Yesterday I saw the perfect demonstration that proves my point.  After doing leg wax practice one of the girls wanted her armpit waxed.  She and another student went into a cubicle to try and do the wax without informing the tutor.  Neither had performed or had an armpit wax previously.  Needless to say a lot of wax and a few minutes later we have a very red and bleeding armpit!  Yes, the waxer put wax over the whole armpit followed by the strip.  Another student noticed what they were doing and pointed out it is supposed to be done in a few small sections, not all in one go and she pulled the strip off for them … apparently in the wrong direction.


At this point they had the sense to ask the tutor for advice.  Her main advice was not to try waxing parts of the body you don’t know how to!  She then showed us how to wax an armpit properly.  On the bright side, her demonstration showed it is a quick area to wax and it isn’t hard to do as long as you know how to do it. 


If you find yourself doing leg waxing and wanting to wax another part of the body, ask your tutor to show you how.  She would much rather teach you how to do it than to let you try it blindly and injuring people in the process.


I’m just glad it wasn’t her bikini line they attempted to wax because I can’t imagine it would have been fun for her to deal with the consequences of a botched bikini wax! Ouch!


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