Today was a good day; Swissdermyl delivery (picture heavy)

Today I woke up to the postman delivering me a parcel.  I was very pleased to see it was from Swissdermyl who I had requested send me an information pack.  Opening it was amazing, not only was the information in the parcel but LOTS of testers for me to try the range for myself.  Further still the lovely folk at Calla Distribution also included some other items from their make-up range for me to try too.



You will be pleased to know that everything is animal friendly and of a high quality salon standard.

Upon opening the parcel all I could smell was a sweet almost baby powder like smell.  It was lovely.


For the skincare side of things I received a cleanser, a toner, an enzyme peel, skin renewing cream, 1st wrinkle night cream, repair serum and eye contour serum.

Of course the first thing I did was go to the bathroom to try out the cleaner, toner and skin renewing cream.  The cleanser is very light and creamy a little seems to go a long way.  It smells really lovely although the only downside is I do rather a foam cleanser.  It did do the trick though as when I used the toner no make-up residue came off onto the cotton pad.  Again the toner smelt equally baby like.  The skin renewing cream went on nicely however it’s smell had a faint touch of a nail polish remover like smell.  Not strong enough to overpower but I could still smell a note or two of it.

I am yet to try the rest of the skincare samples, however I will update with how they went once I have.


Moving onto the make-up I hadn’t expected and this included a mineral foundation, 2 eye shadows, a liquid liner and mascara.

The foundation didn’t blow me away but I wouldn’t say it was a perfect match for my skin tone and no doubt this had an impact on my usage so don’t let my lack of positive comments on this put you off trying it.  I would actually still like to try it myself in another shade.


As for the eye shadows, well the only word to describe them for me was wow.  They are very highly pigmented and with only a very light coat with a little product the colour has great depth and coverage.  The shades I was provided with were “Red Rock” and “Walkabout”.


Excuse the lack of any other make-up! I find it odd to look at 2 different colours like this, so if it helps cover half of the photo to look at one eye and then the other half to look at the second eye.

The blinc liner was fantastic.  A very definite shade of black and not one of those liquid liners that is a bit wishy washy.  When taking it off it did come off with an almost flaking kind of effect.  This did mean a little got in my eye as I hadn’t expected it to flake, but to its credit, it’s staying power was fantastic.


The blinc mascara left a light non clumpy coating on the lashes.  They looked very natural and almost as if they had no mascara on but were darker, longer and a little thicker looking.


Overall, I was very impressed with what I received.  As I said I would like to try a different shade in the foundation and I do still have to try some of the products provided but if you are looking for possible ranges to have in your salon or in your mobile kit, then I highly recommend contacting Calla distribution.  Their service is quick, their response to online contact is quick and they are run by a very knowledgeable woman who’s opinion I would trust (I should make it clear I do not know, nor am i friends with this woman, I have just read a lot of information and advice she has given people over the years and i have always found it helpful).  I hope this blog will help spur you on to enquire further into the range to try it for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Today was a good day; Swissdermyl delivery (picture heavy)

  1. This is such a superficial review. it would be useful to know more about the products than whether its a lovely woman who you trust!

    • Of course it’s a superficial review Nikki, I only received the items on the day of the blog? I can’t exactly review how well they work on day one? I can however show people the make-up and tell them how I found it. I can also describe the textures and smells. Note how I said I would come back to items and update you all after I’ve used them 🙂

      The blog also gives you an idea of what items the company sends out as testers should anyone be interested in trying it for themselves (which I recomend anyway as I would never advise anyone spend hundreds of pounds on a skin care range based on a blog review). The fact that the woman who distributes the brand is highly knowledgeable is just a side note, why not contact her to find out for yourself 🙂

  2. Hi I dont know if it would be of any interest to you but I have 10 possibly more new in packaging swissdermal retail items for sale as I have been on maternity leave from my salon and now have another business that I have decided to commit my time to! These range from cleansers to serums! I am on a mission to sell these and will be contacting any other people who come up in a swissdermal search so feel free to contact me ASAP if these would be of use to you! Many thanks fiona

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