No pain no gain; learning to wax

Today was the day.  I even came prepared with ½ length leggings which I changed into before hopping onto the couch for the tutor to demonstrate a leg wax.

Today we used a warm lavender wax which smells just lovely and sort of comforting.  The tutor started with fabric strips and did the front of my first leg.  Upon completing the first leg she decided it would be good for my legs to be split into 4 quarters to enable 6 more people to try waxing my legs.  Not what I was expecting!

The first girl was great, she waxes her family and friends at home so knew exactly what she was doing.  The next girl was fine.  The 3rd girl seemed to forget you had to pull the strip off quickly!  While the 4th at some point forgot to stretch which was a bit ouchy too.  The back of my 2nd leg was done by one girl and she too did a fine job.  At some point they did change over to the paper strips which in my opinion stung a little less.

The tutor then pointed out any missed bits and went over them followed by my knees.  The after wax was applied and we were then let loose on each other.  Due to only 3 wax pots being available we were in groups of 4; 1 model and 3 waxers.  The girl we waxed unsurprisingly had no real hair growth to wax but this was the same with everyone waxed today with the exception of myself.  She did however have a tan.  DID.  Did you know how good wax is at taking off tan?  It actually looks a little gross when your waxing somebody with fake tan as you can literally see the stark colour difference in the before and after areas.

We learnt the importance of not “buttering the legs” and to hold the spatula at a 90 degree angle.  Our group seemed to have the best wax pot as the other 2 tables seemed to have quite thick wax to put on in comparison to ours.  It seemed a little more painful than it should have been for them but it did amuse me a little to see the faces of the others who were being waxed.  I was also amazed that we are expected to use only 3 strips to wax both legs and knees, I had expected it would have been more.

I actually found it quite therapeutic to wax my model.  Quite a logical process really so don’t worry about learning how to do it.  Just be sure to pull the strip quickly and hold the skin firmly and you will be fine.  From our first attempt, I can see I am a little slower than some others in the class but I guess time and practice will get me up to the 20 minute leg wax soon enough.  Next week we will start armpit waxing.  So glad I do not have to be the model for that or in fact the bikini waxes whenever we learn that.  I for sure got the easy end of the stick being the leg dummy.


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