Do you want a bikini wax like mine?

Well, the end of half term has come and college is back in full flow.  Today seen the start of our theory for waxing.  During the class we did hear the funniest story of a waxing experience.

One of the girls in our class went to Belfast for her first ever bikini wax and opted for a Brazilian style.  After describing what she was looking for the therapist proceeded to pull the front of her trousers and underwear down and asked “Do you want it like mine? Like this?” Oh my word.  How the girl from my class didn’t just die of heart failure there and then I will never know.  Not exactly the way any of my waxes have gone thank goodness.  Her friend had an equally out there experience involving her therapist insisting she get on all 4’s to have her rear waxed as she felt it was too hairy to leave after having her bikini wax done…I believe these therapists may have done so many intimate waxes now that they have forgotten how nerve wrecking it can be for a first timer?

Tomorrow we start the practical side of waxing.  As I was the only one who seemed to listen when we were advised to let out hair grow a little, I will be the guinea pig tomorrow.  Not that I mind, it’s only a half leg wax and I have had my fair share of them in the past anyway.  Totally looking forward to practicing though!

We also had a reminder today that next week we will be doing out Eve Taylor training.  We did use this for part of our facial portion of the course and I really can not wait to learn more about the full range.  The class will also be attending the Irish Beauty Show in Dublin next week, busy times ahead.


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