Networking opportunities and mermaid eyes

Yesterday I got propositioned with a networking possibility.  A local shop in the village is having a charity fundraiser and asked if I would like to come and do mini manicures for a few hours.  The idea sounds great, they would provide all the equipment and I would get to feel good about helping charity.  I would also have the chance to chat to people about what I am doing and about the fact I want to open a home salon in the summer.

Sadly it was not to be, the time they needed me was the same time that I work every Saturday. Poo!  Still it is a great networking idea for another time.  No doubt other stores will be wanting to do fundraisers in the coming months and perhaps I could offer to come along and do some mini manicures to aid their efforts and to help promote myself.

I was however still very flattered to be thought of and asked to come along to the event.

Tonight’s attempt at a theme was a mermaid theme care of a kids cartoon I watched with the littley before bed.


Now I don’t actually have black hair, nor do I have a desire for a scouse brow but it was the colour of the brows on the mermaid so I went with it.


I really liked the green into blue shades for this play session.  I can’t say I would ever wear it in reality but that is the fun of playing with make-up and getting extra practice in.  It’s not really about me and what I would wear, it’s about experimentation and pushing my own boundaries until I get better at it all.  I would say if you are currently doing your qualifications in beauty and you wish you were better at make-up, keep on plugging!  In the end we are bound to get much better 🙂


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