Eyeshadow : Playing with colour

I had some time to kill so figured I should get to trying to make myself brave with colours.

This is my attempt at using purple, yellow, a little green and a bit of white to hilight. I can’t say what brand as they are all generic little pots that I bought off e-bay perhaps 4 years ago for my university ball. (Please note, you may need to look beyond the messy hair and brows to see the make-up 😉 )


Looking at the photos I can see a few things I would change.  I think I would be better taking the colour up more? I would work harder at making the shading even and include a little more deffinition to the green section.

Any tips on how to improve are greatly accepted.  I am well aware that I need to get better with my use of colour as I really do rather sticking to safe options.


2 thoughts on “Eyeshadow : Playing with colour

  1. Lovely! I agree colour should be brought up abit more, and I’d blend the edge of the purple out abit more, bit too harsh for my liking, or did you want the definate edge? Xx

  2. I do like a definate edge but I know it isn’t for everyone. Next time, I shall for sure bring it up higher and soften it a little more at the corners 🙂 So much easier to do make-up on somebody when you can stand back to check it out rather than trying to look at yourself in the mirror ha! Thanks for the advice though 🙂 Appreciate it!

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