Manicures; “Practice makes perfect”

My last day at college before the mid term break seen me cram in my last formative for a French polish manicure with nail art and my summative in a manicure with exfoliation, hand mask, heat treatment and nail art.


My French polish actually went much better than I expected.  I can only put this down to practice I have been doing on family and friends in the last week.  Also partially down to not rushing it for the exam and telling myself not to be nervous as that would only make it worse.  My nail art on the French was very basic, as it was Valentines day I did a heart on the middle finger of each hand and a rhinestone in the middle of the hearts.  The key for me with nail art is not trying to be too elaborate like others in my class.  Not because I don’t appreciate their beautiful nail arts, but because I know my own limitations.  I am not very artistic when it comes to drawing things.


I got a little irritated in my summative with the polish I was using.  The client picked a dark pink from the college selection which was a lovely colour but as I started to put it on I could tell it had thickened up and wasn’t the best quality.  Thankfully it did level itself out in the end and it did look good.  The nail art was again basic, I used more rhinestones on the ring fingers and just did a simple off centred line on each nail.


The day earned me 2 more distinctions, one for nail art and one for my manicures.  That leaves me with only my pedicures and waxing to complete.  Yeay. 


Friday was my long day at work, I worked 12 – 9:15pm but the store does get pretty quiet between 7 and 9 as the rest of the town is closed and we mainly get customers in for the pharmacy.  I decided to put the confidence I got from my manicure distinction to good use.  I grabbed a nice red Estee Lauder display polish (Not a brand I would buy due to their animal testing but I was limited as to what testers were available in store) and polished the nails of one of the women working the shift with me.  Granted she didn’t like that the polish was not right down on her cuticles as “that’s how I would do it” but I did get the polish very close to the cuticles and nail walls without touching them at all.  Very impressed with how far my polishing skills have come with practice.


Estee Lauder – Pure Red nail lacquer, this image is not my own, taken from (I really should start taking photos of nails I do!)


It just proves that as the old saying goes, “practice really does make perfect”.


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